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Serverless Telegram bot is Yandex.the cloud, or 4.6 kopecks per 1000 messages

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"Whenever you receive a webhook update, you have two options"

From Telegram Bot Api Faq

hi, Habr!

for a Long time, the concept of serverless (or more precisely — its implementation in the form of AWS Lambda), for me, was relatively clear, but very abstract idea. It is often heard in Radio-T, discussions on Reddit, but did not come into my life. Working draft do not live in the cloud, and home — why? New path is cheaper, Docker mastered, and everything works fine.

But the presentation of Yandex Cloud Functions, and in particular the announced prices for this service, gave new food for thought.

TL;DR — a rainy Friday night we will write a simple Telegram bot written in javascript, which can answer queries with a simple message. If your home project, its use will almost certainly cost you much cheaper than most budget VPS.

here we Go.

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