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A large mouse with a top sensor — Ironclaw Corsair RGB fresh articles on games. 02.10.2019 at 05:00 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Mouse certainly interested in those who want a high resolution sensor.

the Mouse is quite large and is unlikely to be convenient for those who have small hands. In other respects, despite the name Ironclaw, as though hinting at the type of grip recommended for the manipulator the mouse is comfortable to hold and hand and "claw", and fingers. The design is asymmetrical and designed for right-handers. The top panel is solid and switch primaute even if you click somewhere in the center of the mouse. For those who use nogtevoy grip, it is an obvious plus.

the Wheel mechanism with discrete issues in the rotation characteristic sound, for me, that has long been associated with kosarevskiy mice. However, in this model, the sound is noticeably softer and the wheel during sudden movements of the manipulator does not move. In addition, it highlighted a separate led, which, however, is almost imperceptible due to its location — the light is blocked by the wheel and the top panel of the chassis.

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