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Hotpoint is a new line of induction cooktops retail and distribution 01.10.2019 at 11:35

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Brand appliances Hotpoint introduced a new line of induction cooktops, which will become a reliable assistant in the kitchen. Thanks to the "My Menu" users will be able to cook your own meals, eliminating the burning or sticking of the product to the pan. While the innovative surface allows to maximize the use of work areas.

New cooktops allow you to easily implement the recipe of any complexity using the "My Menu". The instrument to set the desired temperature level depending on the method of preparation. Thus, it will be able not only to avoid burning or sticking of food, but also to reduce the power consumption. Program "My Menu" – melting, melting, heating, slow cooking and boiling will preserve the useful properties of food and will ensure optimum cooking. The latter program helps to save energy and time thanks to the automatic audio alert when the water reaches the boiling point.

In the new induction panel several options are available to optimize work space. The flagship models have the function of "Flexi Space". She shares the cooking surface into four heating zones, which can operate as two independent areas or as one total space.

Function "Active Heat" separates the cooking surface area preset temperature level: low, medium and high. Enough to move pans from one area to another without having to change settings manually. And the touch control will help to make the cooking process more convenient. For example, in the flagship models, the function of "Direct Mapping" specifies the active cooking zone, a "Direct Access" allows you to control the power level of each heating element separately. In the interface you can scroll through the options and select single click.

the New Hotpoint induction panel is designed in modern style: glossy, dark glass surface and focus on the details. Horizontal lines on induction panels accentuate the holistic view, and designate work areas for more intuitive cooking.

the Organic combination of style and performance is reflected in the arrangement of burners. The technique has a thin platform that does not require additional installation of frontal ventilation in order to integrate the panel in a niche width of 60 cm