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AOC and MMD are demonstrating strong growth in the market of monitors with a diagonal of 27 inches retail and distribution 01.10.2019 at 12:25

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According to recent data Analytics company Context, the European monitor market grew by 3.2% in the second quarter of 2019. Specializing in the production of displays, AOC and MMD (the owner of the rights to the Philips brand Monitors) together showed twice the best result — an increase of 6.7%. Because of this the company kept the third position in Europe, occupying 14.1% of the market. The contribution of MMD to this growth has been significant: sales have increased by 10.8% yoy.

In the category of monitors with large screen sizes (68.6 cm or 27 inches), both brands are together on the market second place with a share of 14%. While this segment increased by 29.2%, brands showed twice the joint height — 57.7%. Individual growth is also impressive: it was 53.3% in MMD and 64% in AOC. The aggregate sales volume of the company ranks first in Russia, Benelux, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. MMD is in the first position in the segment of 27-inch monitors and above in the Benelux and Ukraine.

In the Russian market of monitors have slightly declined. However, AOC and MMD will retain a leadership position for thirteen consecutive quarters, with a joint market share in the amount of 27.2%. Separately, the MMD ranks second with a share of 14.2%, AOC — third with a share of 12.9%. In the segment of large monitors (27 inch and above) two brands together (AOC and MMD) were also the market leaders with a share of 27.5% and a stunning annual growth at 80.6%.