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American sued $750 thousand of her lover's wife in a broken marriage

Full tape of POLIT.RU 04.10.2019 at 09:48

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In the United States a resident of the state of North Carolina sued his wife's lover $750 thousand for the violation of the sanctity of marriage, WITN television reported citing a statement by plaintiff Kevin Howard.

the Man filed a claim for "deliberate interference with the marriage relationship." This law repealed in most parts of America, but continues to operate in six States, including North Carolina.

Howard stated that he lived with his wife of 12 years, but she asked for a divorce: she argued the fact that her husband works too much and spends enough of her time. The man decided that it was his mistake and agreed to couples therapy. At the same time, he hired a detective – one has provided evidence that his wife was cheating on Howard with a colleague. In the lawsuit he stated that the defendant deliberately tried to destroy their marriage because they have been home for a joint dinner and listened to the stories of their family life.

the plaintiff said that experienced the same suffering as from death of a loved one. The defendant at first laughed at the claim, but the court sided with Howard and recovered from the defendant $750 thousand, "I filed a lawsuit because they feel that it is important to understand the sanctity of marriage, especially these days," said the plaintiff.