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Ancient sharks were similar to eels

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Early paleontologists were known to only three teeth of the ancient sharks of the genus Phoebodus, but thanks to a few skulls and almost complete skeleton found in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, scientists were able to accurately reconstruct the appearance of these animals. Lived 360 million years ago sharks were more like a giant eel than in modern sharks.

the Fossils were preserved due to the fact that the place inhabited by these sharks, was covered by a shallow sea pool. The remains of the dead shark sank to the bottom and were quickly covered with sediment, and limited water circulation and low oxygen preserved them from destruction by bacteria and allowed to complete the process of fossilization. However, the fossils turned out to be quite fragile, but paleontologists have overcome this complexity. They did not remove the bones from the rock and examined them with the help of computer tomography. As a result, on the basis of the findings in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society described two species of the genus Phoebodus.

Among the living sharks of similar appearance has only one species — insufficiently known the frilled shark ( Chlamydoselachus anguineus ), although it is not a direct descendant of sharks of the genus Phoebodus the Carboniferous period. But her body is also elongated and resembles the body of sea snake or eel and the fins are shifted caudally. The frilled shark reaches a length of two meters and is found at depths from 120 to 1450 meters in different parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.