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Custody of the Islamic revolution

Full tape of POLIT.RU 04.10.2019 at 17:06

Full tape POLIT.RU

Arrested in Tehran by the Russian journalist Yulia Yuzik will soon be released, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi. The spokesman added that she was detained "for the purpose of giving some explanations".

At the same time the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Teheran Andrei Ganenko said that the Iranian authorities have not yet informed the Embassy about the intention to release Yuzik. And the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Moscow Mehdi Sanaei in a meeting at the foreign Ministry confirmed that a Russian woman will release soon.

the Journalist and former candidate for the state Duma from Dagestan Yulia Yuzik, recall, arrested in Tehran. According to unconfirmed reports, the Russian woman accused of cooperation with intelligence services of Israel — this charge can result in imprisonment for 10 years.

Yulia Yuzik has worked with many Russian and foreign mass media publish materials on the fight against terrorism and the subject of the suicide bombers. Since 2003 she engaged in literary work and investigative journalism. Yuzik is the author of books about suicide bombers "Brides of Allah", which is reprinted in nine foreign countries, as well as the book "Beslan dictionary", in which draws on conversations with survivors of the tragedy at the school N1 in Beslan. In 2016 Yulia Yuzik stood in deputies of the state Duma from the party PARNAS, with the support of the "Open Russia" Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

"a Couple of years ago, Julia worked in Tehran as a correspondent. Recently, on invitation, she returned to Tehran. But at the airport confiscated her passport, saying he would return it on departure from the country. However, yesterday, broke down the door to her room, Julia took the staff of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps directly from the hotel, — wrote in Facebook the journalist Boris Voitsekhovsky. — Call to Moscow, she was allowed last night, and then only for a minute. All she managed to say, sitting on the floor in the chamber, there is no connection, on Saturday in the court. She is accused of collaboration with Israeli security services. It is — 10 years, minimum."

the Daughter Yuzik through the account of the mother confirmed the information on detention. "Answering mother's call, the grandmother in tears, called me, asked me to come home, saying that mom's got big problems, but then I could not think that they are so serious: the mother can put in jail in another country, and I can't what to see her, but even to hear her voice will not be possible. After the phone away, and other ways to connect with her there," she wrote, noting that the journalist "knew what might happen such situation, but let's go."

Information is confirmed by the "Echo of Moscow" with reference to the coordinator of observers of Dagestan Ruslan Magomedov. "The Embassy informed, understand the situation," — said the press attache of the Russian diplomatic mission in Iran Andrei Ganenko. To clarify the details and joined the Russian Union of journalists.

"According to some, she was charged with respect, almost with the Israeli intelligence. Apparently, it was before that, in Israel, and quite possibly, Israeli visa seemed the guards or the secret services of Iran any proof of ties dangerous, — said the head of the public Association of Vladimir Solovyov. Our international Department is now associated with the Iranian Embassy, and with our colleagues in Iran. I hope in the course of the day will still be clear what happened with our colleague what the allegations made against her". 5 Oct Yuzik waiting for the court (probably on the measure).

Yuzik repeatedly played in the media as an expert on Iran. So, in 2015, she commented on the arrival in Moscow of General Qassem Soleimani — commander of special division "al-Kuds" in the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. The head of the intelligence service of the IRGC Hossein Tayeb October 3 of this year, announced the disclosure of the conspiracy to assassinate Soleimani, reported Tasnim. Of involvement in the conspiracy in the IRGC, accused the Israeli secret service.