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What lured people North pole? :.: Article 02.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

It is Known that mankind first mastered the warm seas and oceans, and only then, thoroughly prepared, carefully began to explore the Northern waters of the planet. In General, the interest in developing the Arctic expanses were pretty utilitarian. People have already imagined how the globe and wanted to find a short (and therefore cheaper) route from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And Vice versa. For a long time, even among the learned people of his time believed that the Arctic waters are free from ice. We must, they say, to rise North of Greenland or Spitsbergen, and it will let cool, but easily passable sea. However, a few expeditions in quite prepared, sailing vessels and are unable to get to the North pole. Thus, version free Arctic waters have failed. Barentsz ship off the coast of New Land. Engraving from the publication of the diary of Gerrit de Fans, 1598 Photo: thereafter with the filing of an Englishman Profitable Jr. (very experienced sailor) came the assumption that the region near the North pole is covered with a smooth and almost devoid of obstacles ice. That is, it is possible to move and transport cargo with appropriate training. And again, several polar expeditions, went on North, after their wanderings, and denied it is a tempting assumption. It is notable that Russian researchers from time to time the great interest in Arctic latitudes are not shown. Perhaps they realized that a significant portion of the Northern route from Europe to Asia runs through Russian territory, and it seems like there is not much sense here to make a fuss and someone to get ahead. Time, they say, to open and inspect — so probably talked some of them. Apart from that, our countrymen since the Middle ages floated on the White and Barents seas, so they knew how harsh the North and than have to pay for his conquest... P. Peacock, "semen Dezhnev. The opening of the Strait between Asia and America", 1977 Photo Source it's been a few decades, the ships became better, and in the second half of the NINETEENTH century, a path from the Atlantic to the Pacific began to emerge faster. Therefore, the development of the Northern latitudes in a sense has become a competition about who is the fastest to reach the North pole. It is known that in 1868 the German Carl Koldewey on the boat, "Germany" tried to reach the North pole. He did not succeed. Then persistent Koldewey, in 1869, starts toward the pole have two courts. He sails on the boat, and as an auxiliary ship is a good Sailer. And again he has failed to reach the target. Carl Collevatti: In 1875 the British attempt to reach the North pole, starting from the coast of Greenland. This attempt ended in failure. Norwegian traveler Fridtjof Nansen carefully studied attempt to reach the pole, suggested that to make this possible, drifting together with the ice. He built a special ship for this purpose and called it the "FRAM". The drift of Nansen the ice lasted for three years. Although the Norwegians got to the pole, his expedition he was considered to be successful. Though, because during these three years his team was able to thoroughly study the nature of the Arctic. Fritof Nascente: In 1909 the American Robert Peary stated that he finally made up (on the fourth attempt!) The North pole. However, the study of his route and analysis of all data allowed to conclude that Peary took at the pole place otstojashchie from the desired goal of 167 kilometers. Robert Peretto: In 1909, two months before Peary, a man named Frederick cook said that he was the first in the history reached the North pole. As evidence, cook gave a few shots where he was depicted with the Eskimos. In the background were seen the ice shack with the American flag. And all... Frederick cook circa 1906 Photo: In General, says cook after brief proceedings, did not believe. High-latitude air expedition "Sever-2", 1948, Photo: the Source And only in 1948 a group of Soviet explorers first reached the North pole. It was the participants of the expedition "Sever-2". And their presence at the pole documented, and it is not questioned. ...

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