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How is a woman to maintain a good mood? :.: Article 02.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

From a good mood to women varies a lot. If she feels happy, it brings happiness and the family: the husband and the children are happy, work is going well, domestic dispute, food turns out delicious. To remain in high spirits and charge them to their loved ones, the woman must learn to enjoy life. How to do it? How to stay cheerful, full of enthusiasm? Psychologists recommend several simple methods which will help a woman to lighten the mood and get a boost of vitality. Among the recommendations of specialists you can see the following tips: 1. Do household chores with pleasure While a woman sees the cooking, cleaning, Laundry a chore, she does so without pleasure. It is driven by a sense of duty, and taking away a depressing mood. You should try to change your opinion on housework, love her. After all this is done to create coziness and warm atmosphere in the family, for the love of their loved ones. Doing housework, the woman shows his concern for favorite people. Is it hard work? No, this is happiness, when in life there are those who need your love and care. Photo: Finn-b the Realization of this simple truth will help to change your attitude to home Affairs from negative to positive. 2. To take it a habit to praise yourself as strange as it seems, to praise itself, to make it useful and even necessary. It increases self-esteem, improves mood, gives awareness of self-worth. Relatives do not always remember that mom, too, need praise and compliments. To compensate for the lack of attention can, if not forget themselves from time to time to praise and encourage. 3. Spend more time with their children is Time spent playing or other activities with children not only improves a mother's mood, but also contributes to the strengthening of relations in the family, charges the woman with positive energy, gives vitality. Photo: marcisim, 4. More walk in the fresh air Is not only good for health but also for good mood. To neglect the walk to have time to do something useful around the house, not worth it. Good health — both moral and physical — is much more important! 5. Spend more time with relatives who are older and wiser, particularly with the mother or mother-in-law Communicate with an older relative brings together, strengthens family relationships, gives the opportunity to learn from the experience. Sharing his worldly wisdom, the mother (or mother-in-law) increases self-esteem, conscious self-importance, feels needed, charged a good mood, which, in turn, is transferred to you. 6. To bake bread at home Is a traditional female occupation, it was once very common. Now, unfortunately, the mistress rarely engaged in baking bread at home, preferring to buy store-bought pastry. And it is in vain! Our ancestors knew that the woman baking bread for her family, imbues his family with positive energy and charged it myself. Pablo Picasso, "Woman carrying bread", 1906 Photo: 7. Often to chat with friends Woman to feel happy, you need to chat with friends. Good to it was of her own age, similar in many respects or those she wished to emulate. Thanks to the friendly communication of people get the charge of positive and good mood. Good people support us in a good state of mind, pleased with his presence. Next to unpleasant people possible even the breakdown and deterioration of health. Carefully choose your friends! Avoid those who put you in the mood and takes away life energy. A. A. Kharlamov, "Girlfriends"Photo: with these simple and available to every woman the methods recommended by psychologists, you can learn how to maintain a good mood and be happy with your life. ...

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