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As the dream to come true? :.: Article 03.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

On the Internet now you can find a huge number of so-called marathons of wish fulfillment which generally speaking, is not about magic but rather about proper goal setting and effective promotion to them. In fact, everyone can realize their dreams without the participation in specialized programs. The main thing — a responsible approach to this issue, be consistent and purposeful. The first and essential condition of success is that dreams should be. Unbelievable but true: a huge number of people do not know what they want and, therefore, very vague idea of where they are in life to move. It is therefore essential to compile and regularly update a list of their desires. Let at first it will resemble a shopping list — not, the main thing is to allow, perhaps, re-teach yourself to dream, to want something more than is in the current time. In the preparation of wish list there is one important caveat— these desires should really be yours. Whatever you say, but man is a social being and in fact are ready to do anything for love of neighbors, so 30 percent of our desires are not so much ours, how many socially conditioned. Hand on heart, not every girl at the age of 30 years wants to get married, not every Manager is eager for a leadership position and not every retiree dreams of a Horde of grandchildren at his dacha. But under the influence of public opinion many, often quite unconsciously, put forward these desires to the forefront, forgetting about their true aspirations. William meierovich, "Girl dreams"Photo: How to find out the truth of desire? It will help the triangle "SOUL-BODY-MIND". The challenge was to consider every desire in these three aspects and to check whether there is somewhere in between contradictions. Example: a woman wants to receive a gift from her husband a fur coat. From the point of view of reason coat you want her, because she thinks it is a good investment in your own closet, convinced that in it it will be warmer than other outerwear that it will add brightness to the image and a certain status. For the body is comfort. And now attention! She really wants to coat my husband gave. What is it about? Most likely, the disguised desire to demonstrate the love, care, be poslovnoj husband. So what does the coat? There is an internal contradiction. And either want a fur coat, or formulated a wish correctly. Photo: ractapopulous, Another example: a man desperately wants to leave the sea. For body is relax on the beach, swimming in the gentle waves, enveloping the warmth of the sun, leisurely walk on the coast, etc. the Mind will find here unloading from the task at hand, new information to ponder. The soul is eager for new experiences, immersion in another reality, the inspiration. As you can see, this desire is all very harmonious, and thus it is — the same! Thus, your true desires are those which meet the interests of your body, mind and soul. After the list is compiled and carefully analyzed, the fun begins. Any desire risks remain on the level of fantasy, if not to transform it into a goal. Photo: Comfreak, And here, a well-proved algorithm "WANT-CAN-DO" working, as all ingenious, is simple: from the variety of your current desires, you must choose the ones towards which you can make any real steps now and, in fact, begin to act. Let a little bit, but confidently directed, without delay. And so as long as the desire is not fulfilled. Photo: Andi_Graf, Having done the above methods you will be surprised how really bring to life your imagination and how quickly it can be done. And the first results will give you inspiration and strength to move forward. I sincerely wish you successful implementation of your wildest dreams! ...

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