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What surprised Informatics? The second race in Valori :.: Article 03.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Schedule of night shift's daughter "opened the window" and we quickly got ready to go to Anniston in the shop door, which she found online, but not yet visited. The fees were for long — we don't have any large in the calculation of the rolling. From frequent trips to the Korean SOUL imbued it with perfection. With appearance it is small but amazingly spacious inside, all sturdy, reliable, move elastic, the sound is barely audible. Not riding and full of fun. The direction towards Atlanta familiar, and we easily came "the operating room". Never ceases to please the grooming of roads and villages along the way. The whole highway stretches among deciduous, mainly forests on the sides of the oblong come across the lake and rock walls, where was "broken" highway. After two hours the progress was in the suburbs of Anniston where went to "eat" in a famous gourmet restaurant. After wandering a bit without the inclusion of Navigator, we were in a familiar area, where the expected was not a single living soul subservient. Only visitors, got on our bikes, and auto Parking rental bicycles. That's about it, I want more detail... Such models are not among the hundreds of other in the Bicycle shop, they are specially made for these trips, rest on the principle of necessary sufficiency, no frills and on a modern technical level. They are not bulky or heavy. In the hub of the rear wheel with a diameter of 6 cm, "shift" by three positions. Banal block of asterisks was missing. The lever on the right handlebar three speed easily switched. But it's time to go "to our sheep" — computer science. Digital panel lock on the back wheel easily on the map, got one great. But the second the map to take failed. Such is the unexpected input. Wow-Ops! Shill? Any other options? Decided that I'm going, and my daughter will "walk" around the center, then to change places. I drove the familiar path of s/W/d fabric to the same limit. About halfway back I noticed a companion on the voyage... on the bike. What happened? She reported on the mobile brother in Birmingham about the problem and he advised me to take a picture of the lock bar and send a photo of him, which she did. Your card panel from Birmingham, he opened the lock on the back wheel of the bike in Anniston. Me, as a seasoned sucker, this unexpected outcome with the use of modern technology impressed! ...We went again on the same route and beyond. The weather was Sunny and cool, a bit of visitors, you can go next to the path. But the big rookie center seemed heavy, we changed bikes, but it didn't help, although mine was pretty easy. The conclusion to take "prinesennoy", run-bike, so as not to have surprises. In conclusion, we wish to call is commuting by bike. During Mayakovsky's even a Bicycle was a distant dream, not to mention the car. We, the pedestrians, walking dust, where then we really where so poor to climb into the carriage in the care of, to rush on the ridge on the bike. Nothing to primenyaetsya walk and sniff! You — not in a dream and in reality —must be the bike, be car! Vladimir Mayakovsky And now in the southern countries (China, India, Japan, etc.) the bike — the everyday vehicle for every day. About the usefulness of Cycling — the volume of special literature. From myself I want to add that it is a multilateral use: physical, emotional; the drive generates a sense of purpose, optimism. ...

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