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Money Feng Shui: what are the rules of "live" money? :.: Article 03.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Speak of the "laws of money" and that is why many people can not get rid of lack of money. The fact that money is "live" by its own special rules and come only to those who know the rules. Wealthy people became wealthy because strictly followed these rules. Comes in our life what we think, what you dream about and strive for. At the same time, of course, our dreams must be backed by proper "money" habits. The rich are rich because they have much more "rich" habits than the poor. The poor are poor because they have significantly more "bad" habits of handling money than the rich. Our daily actions (also called "rituals") or unable to quickly move us towards the goals, or tightly bind to the eternally empty wallet. If you want to "retune" the brain on the financial well-being and "unroot" your antigenaemia beliefs, then you should start with the ruthless destruction of negative thought-programs. In this article we will talk about the techniques that psychologists recommend to use for the correct settings of his thinking and his precise focus on the actions that lead to prosperity and material well-being. Jan Brueghel the Elder (together with p. P. Rubens), "Nymphs filling the horn of plenty", about 1615 Photo: the fact that in the minds of many people "live" treacherous view of himself, his abilities and capabilities. And to stop hearing their destructive "voices", you need to set yourself up for a "positive wave". Ten techniques to fill your wallet: 1. Make a list of all your wildest desires and secret dreams. 2. Write yourself a letter from the future describing the life of his family in 10 years. Do not limit yourself. Describe a perfect life in great detail. 3. Make your obituary with a description of the hugely successful the life you have lived (listing all of his victories, awards and accomplishments). 4. Identify one big goal, which accumulates/will unite into one all your goals smaller scale. 5. Buy a Board and stick pictures on it of your desired future. Photo: Tumisu, 6. Come up with affirmations (positive statements), repeating which you will program yourself for the best. 7. Meditate several times a day, imagining (visualizing) your ideal life (when all your objectives are completely realized). 8. Thank life for all the good you have today. 9. Get the "Book of success", which bring at least 10 of their achievements (big and smallest) for last day. 10. Reward yourself every time you record your wins in the "Book of success". This will help you to automate the "enemies" and will lead to new victories in life. What prevents to get rid of difficulties with finances? I will list the most common causes of eternally empty wallet and lingering problems with money: 1. Constant postponing. The longer you are taking the first step towards your financial well-being, the more likely not to start ever. The time we have is limited. Rich people are good at managing their time: they are rigidly prioritize and devote most of their attention most important things. B. M. Kustodiev, "Merchant (Man with money)", 1918 Photo: Therefore, determine what is most important to you and focus on it, ignoring everything else. Let's see what takes your time — what you invest, what you invest in? Anything that is not your priority, not worthy of spending your time. 2. Inconsistency and lack of discipline. It is extremely important to learn how to motivate yourself to do the right steps at the right time. For clarity, we give the following example — there is a huge "gap" between how rich people think and poor people (when it comes to money): the Vast number of people with income below average believe that wealth is the result of chance (or coincidence). The vast majority of the rich people disagree. The vast number of people with income below average believe that they are not responsible for their poverty (and that it's someone else's fault). The vast majority of rich people believe that they are the reason for their monetary well-being. 3. The habit of living one day. Immersed in the daily "battle" with the lack of money is stopping to assess the situation and make the right decision. Lack of money is always a consequence of the manifestation of ignorance in the handling of personal finances (i.e. the inevitable result of the utter financial ignorance). Monetary rules for the filling of the purse. To bring order to their money and to increase revenue enough to rely on three basic "law of money": the Law of reasonableness of expenses (a respect for the money earned and their distribution in priority assignment).The law of savings (it's important to develop the habit of saving 10-20% of income from any of the day of receipt).The law of investment (the money you need to invest with the purpose of formation of financial capital — it monthly buy currencies, stocks and other financial instruments). Activate the rules of money: 1. Find extra work (in spare time). 2. Get a good habit of saving 10-20% of each of the obtained income. Photo: 8385, 3. This money should be directed to replenishment of their "financial cushion" and regular investments. Summary. Negative thinking makes us believe that we will fail. Get used to think about their successes and open to you the possibilities. Concentrate on the positive aspects of their lives and remember less about the bad....

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