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At what age to start running? :.: Article 03.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

How many people aged 50 and older think to myself, what to start Jogging later? Most, unfortunately. Hear stories about the benefits of this form of physical culture and think to myself, I missed, useless, and have to deal with folds of belly fat, it is what it is... But practice shows that the age for running is not a hindrance. If a person (man or woman) begins to run after the age of 50 years, then "any" ten years on the physical condition can't tell him from the runner who started to run much earlier. And even those who can say, run professionally, all my adult life. Various scientific studies have shown that the so-called "middle age" is not only not an obstacle to intensive exercise, but brings the same added value in terms of health, and those who engaged in physical activity, so to speak, professionally. It has long been proven that older "athletes" from 60 to 90 healthier the so-called Desk workers. They had better muscles stronger, heart healthier, less fat, contributing to numerous diseases, they consume fewer medications, less visiting doctors and so on... About brains, warranties nobody gives. N. P. Bogdanov-Belsky, "Future athletes", the beginning of XX vikatto: In General, people of middle and old age, engaged in sports from childhood, let's call them "athletes" for short, give a sample of healthy aging. But it should be noted that in these studies of professional athletes compared with ordinary people. And scientists have come to the conclusion that the Cabinet people in terms of health are not competitors for the lovers of sports. They, the workers, always something prevents to begin to look after themselves. Many people know the picture of crowded gyms at the beginning of each New year. New year, nothing to put off starting a new life... Went to the gym! A week later, the number of people in the hall drops in a month are those who had walked. The rest of the cast, too late, the family needs attention and so on. It would seem that the situation is hopeless. Photo: Depositphotos Group of scientists decided to conduct long-term studies. They selected a group of people who began Jogging after age 60. Watched them for 10 years. Clearly, not all reached the finish in a decade of observations. But those who came, saw for themselves the health benefits from their exercise. Muscle mass these people grew, and grew significantly. Note only, that it was basically on the edge at different distances from 800 meters to the marathon. Then came the time to "compare" the bodies of those who started Jogging a relatively long time, with those who have got a group, started running relatively recently — after 50, and those who did run were not engaged. Compared all three groups in muscle mass, percentage body fat and body, muscularity of limbs — legs mostly, and even bone density. Interestingly, among the group of "late" most of the runners were women. It seemed that the runners from a young age had to have significant advantages in all these parameters. But, to the surprise of scientists, the big difference between newcomers and "old timers" they didn't see. The appropriate course, the participants took place at the same time. That is, those who ran more than 30 years of virtually no advantage over newcomers (10 years running) had not. In both groups the muscle mass of the feet was 12% higher than those who run do not engage. And fat in both groups was 17% less than the "lazy". Lost to newcomers in such indicators as bone density. Because it is safely possible to recommend for women suffering in old age from a hip fracture, start to run as early as possible. The probability of sudden collapse is reduced. Photo: Depositphotos speaking of this kind of fractures. It is believed that it occurs as a result of the fall. But doctors have proven that first, suddenly broken bone, and because the woman falls. Back to the results of measurements of use running. They showed that a big difference in the condition of the bodies between "old" and "new" runners there. People in old age is able to catch up and complain about "useless life". Of course, human health is not limited to indicators of bone mass, their density, strength of muscle, fat levels in the body. If only so... All is running, you can say, mandatory. Who will voluntarily give up their health. Alas, it is not. There are people who run even contraindicated. But in this article we consider the situation with the usual (in terms of health) people. Them is most of us. And I must say that running has a wonderful property. If people started working on it, he drops the case and runs five to six times a week. Photo: skeeze, Give an example from my own life, do not consider for immodesty. I'm walking (I hate Jogging) four to five times a week. It has become a habit that you do not want to give up. I know of people running in any weather except a hurricane like "sandy". Feel good. That is, I want to say that to join this pleasant sport (running, walking) never too late, as it's never too late to become healthier. ...

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