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Why do feet get cold? :.: Article 04.10.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In the feet there are many biologically active points, so their condition reflects the functionality of the whole organism. Doctors strongly suggest to harden, this has a positive effect on the circulatory system as a whole. But even at full health sometimes people's legs feel cold. Someone cope with this problem, others are looking for non-existent disease. And someone withdraws such as age, old age and other ailments. However, there are preventive actions that help fight the cold even after wrapping and wearing multiple pairs of socks. What legs can constantly be cold? When constantly freezing up, the man gradually gets used to this state, not perceiving the danger of such phenomena. This is usually felt in the cold season, when it is convenient to "write off" all on the climate. Substandard shoes wear out, get wet — hence the problem. But if the feet get cold even in the heat, the causes of this condition can become some pathology. Often a symptom bothers the elderly. Cause cold feet would be the blood circulation, dysfunction of the nervous system. Photo: Depositphotos, here are the main reasons because of which the feet are cold: hypothermia;effects of moisture on the lower limbs; too tight shoes in cold weather; frostbite;strict diet, which disturbed metabolism, appears hypovitaminosis, reduced energy supply; long stay in the street in windy weather; insufficient blood circulation in the legs due to uncomfortable posture, Smoking and alcohol consumption significantly affect the normal blood circulation. These reasons are why feet get cold. After reviewing them, easy to fix the situation, wrapped limbs and heat the room. But if this does not help, you should consult a doctor, because the situation can be triggered by the presence of vascular disease. What to do if you get cold feet? To understand why feet are cold, you must immediately take specific steps, allowing you to feel comfortable. Photo: Depositphotos First, use simple methods to warm your feet. Put on your knitted socks and attach to the feet warmer, feet up in the tub with hot water. Can dissolve the mustard for best effect. Any of these treatments will help very quickly to stay warm. Effective prevention will help to get rid of the problem: more often go on foot, do not allow development in the legs of stagnation; don't sit with my one leg to the other;in sedentary work periodically, stand up, do a warm-up, gymnastics, regularly massage your feet;quickly warm up frozen limbs help energetic kicks. When I noticed that even in the heat began to get cold feet, never ignore this problem. Need to determine the cause and see your doctor. This happens to warn you of a serious disease. ...

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