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Should drink only in two cases: when you need to quench your thirst and when you need to prevent thirst

Zadolba!whether 05.10.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

In recent history, "come on, give us forty degrees, here's to old friends" the girl who does not drink alcohol because of antidepressants, complained to relatives. I have a similar situation — I do not drink alcohol. But not because I can't — I just don't want to. And I was sick no less.

I have a very negative attitude to alcohol. Consider it a dangerous poison that has ruined thousands of lives. It is my personal belief, which was formed in 12 years. I never drank alcohol and don't even know what the taste of most drinks.

My beliefs I keep to myself. I will not impose, do not read morals about the dangers of alcohol, do not pull the stack from his hands. Moreover, my husband and my best friend like to drink beer on holidays. I do not judge or comment, just celebrate along with everyone with a Cup of strong coffee.

me to you, drinkers, do not climb, do not teach life and are not required to name the reason why you drink. I'm just sitting at the table, chatting with everyone as usual and drink coffee or juice. So what is a bald grandpa you mess with me?!

What the hell on every (!) meeting people who know me from a young age, every time pestering me with a question about why I don't drink? The option "do not want" does not suit them. It seems like I have to justify my choice, if doing something wrong. You all also know why I don't drink, and you're not appeased? Well, I will tell you.

I will tell you what diseases lurk consume alcohol, what lives to children with drinking parents and not forget to mention about the statistics of drunk committed crimes. Oh, you hate to hear this for the holiday table and I had to remain silent? My dear, you have started to pester me with questions. So I expressed what I think. I have this topic first started.

What the hell are you again and again trying to persuade me to drink a hundred grams? I don't want to drink. Or a hundred grams, or fifty, or ten. The only alcohol I use in cough syrups and candy — and you, incidentally, well aware of that, so what do you expect from me another response, after the thousandth question?

But the most annoying category is the ones who is feeding me alcohol in a Cup of juice while I am gone. I had one twice — on the birthday of my aunt and in school. I'm very sensitive to alcohol and noticed that there is something wrong — and nobody in the offense confessed. Both times the contents of the Cup poured on the table, the Cup crashed on the floor, and contacts with all involved ended forever. I will never forgive such disregard for their beliefs.

please Explain to me why you do that? I will not talk about their relationship to alcohol, while I will not directly ask. I poured the wine and pour the grape juice while you're gone. I'm not trying to persuade you not to drink at least tonight, and instead of champagne to take birch juice. So why, Oh, why are you concerned about my sobriety? Why do I have to explain to everyone the reasons of refusal of alcohol, and people will still decide it's a worthy cause or not? Guys, I'll surprise you, but not to drink is the normal state of the body, and make excuses for it, no one should.

In General, zadolbali, zadolbali unbearable. Drink what you want, but leave me out of it, please. And don't be surprised when I flatly refused to come to visit you. Take care of your upbringing and sense of tact.

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