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Antarctica is melting not because of global warming: put forward a new theory

NEWS PLANET 05.10.2019 at 15:10

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As it turned out, the melting of glaciers is almost independent from global warming. This summer was recorded historic low, with the ice of Antarctica barely exceeded 4 million square meters, informs portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM with reference to NASTROY.NET.

the Fires that recently occur in the forests of the Amazon and Siberia, as well as the incredibly high temperatures in Europe, not so strongly influence the state of nature in Antarctica, scientists thought earlier. Meanwhile, global warming is not the primary nature of the melting glaciers.

Experts suggest that the main cause may be volcanic activity on the mainland. Some time ago was found a fairly large crack in the earth's crust. Through it to the surface of the Earth is a large amount of radiation, leading to temperature rise and, consequently, the melting of ice. Scientists say that in recent years the climate hasn't changed much, but the amount of ice in Antarctica continues to shrink rapidly.

it Should be noted that a volcanic rift has been found not so long ago. Scientists say that if in the near future the situation will not change, the amount of ice on the mainland will decrease by approximately fifteen hundred square kilometers, which will lead to irreversible processes on the planet.