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Discussion of the animated film "Everest" Reviews 03.10.2019 at 07:27

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Animated journey through China in company with white and fluffy Yeti, still a baby.

Recently lost her father Lou on vacation in full moonlight: secret from her mother and grandmother saving money for the trip, which they wanted with your dad ("someday I will visit everywhere, all of China will travel"). But the road itself is knocking at the door – as white and fluffy Yeti immediately called Everest for their desire to be faster at home. Along with the neighborhood boys, Tom and Jim Lou light is sent to spend a new friend for a thousand miles, although this "never out of town not traveled". Behind them relentlessly followed eerily equipped zoologists who need to return to "the major discovery of the century", to show at an upcoming scientific conference wild beast, endowed with the gift of magic to increase all dimensions...

In the discussion of the cartoon taking part Alexandra, Olga and Polina, im for fifteen years.

– What do you say?

Alexander: We liked it. Very interesting.

Olga: I Advise all the same age, and older, and younger.

Alexander: No, older, maybe not necessary. But under just fine.

Pauline: there Are funny characters...

– the Main character like?

Olga: Yes. He is kind.

– And the guys?

Olga: They are all different. The characters are different and it helps the plot.

Pauline: Such characters can be found in real life.

– Similar to your classmates?

Alexander: Very much.

Olga: most likely.

Pauline: no different.

Alexander: We've gotten himself and his friends in these characters.

– Who are you most sympathetic? Probably a girl?

Olga: Nah!.. Tom good!

Alexander: That, and my second was a boy too, Jim.

Pauline: He first, a bit nasty, but then it becomes wonderful.

Alexander: Well, That is the most funny, Yes.

Olga: Good too.

Alexander: And the girl, I don't know, some...

Olga: Well, she kind of zagonka... Well, she's locked in itself – probably due to the death of his father...

– What do you think about the fact that she's already trying to make money?

Alexander: good for her. Going to their targets.

Olga: But she ought to say, share this with your parents.

Pauline: But she won't.

Alexander: Yes, if she told my parents that I want to travel, to go to the places, they would agree.

Olga: But she just closed in on themselves.

Alexander: And she's kind of weird. But Everest helped her to overcome this uncertainty.

Olga: not Even uncertainty. She is afraid of the world.

Alexander: but Tom.

Paulina: I like That.

– did you Like is depicted here in China?

Olga: I like the Buddha.

– have You noticed that this cartoon is akin to a tourist guide, saying, come to us in China, we are glad to see you?

Olga: Ahh... I didn't understand it.

Alexander: I understand.

Pauline: In "City of heroes" would be cooler if there's China.

– There is Japan, in my opinion.

Pauline: There is steeper.

– So you want to go there?

Olga: I would.

Alexander: I would be on the Everest like.

Olga: Yes, I would, too... just as you said, and I understood, and so, when I watched the movie, I didn't understand.

Alexander: Yes, the same.

Olga: But I would have stayed here. I don't have such a strong desire.

Pauline: Well, who doesn't want to travel with Everest?!

Alexander: Yes.

– And it happened with you that you would do the same they took and went with the white monster at the end of the world?

Olga: No...

Pauline: Yeah!.. I – Yes, one hundred percent.

Olga: No, I would not have gone.

Alexander: I would have gone.

Pauline: I That just.

Alexander: I would take Pauline... Ol, well, you!

Olga: Well, I would have refused from this adventure.

– same structure six months ago, we watched a movie on a similar theme...

Pauline: "the missing link"! I drew a parallel is the same!

Alexander: And on the bridge when they fight...

Pauline: Yes! Same!

Olga: Is Pauline noticed first.

Alexander: We were trying to remember the name, we did it.

– And if you compare the two cartoons?..

Pauline: that's better.

Olga: Yes, me too, this is more like it.

Alexander: Well, maybe because of the drawing somehow...

Olga: Yes, probably.

Pauline: It's China.

Olga: the drawing is better here.

Alexander: I prefer this figure.

Olga: And generally to me this movie is more like it.

Pauline: Just then the children, then once more dreamy.

Alexander: Funnier.

Pauline: And there was Sherlock or something, like...

Alexander: Exactly.

Pauline: And there's, like, funny, but...

Olga: There were characters of our age.

Alexander: Yes.

– That is, he was more Mature?

Pauline: Yes.

– Here's to you for fifteen years, but still you go on cartoons – and you wonder?

Olga: Yes, interesting.

Just you already see "It," Tarantino on "the Joker" is going – and yet?..

Olga: Yes, of course.

Pauline: Well, dream!..

At this first meeting of the club of young film critics is hereby dismissed.

Alexander: thank you, bye.

– the Verdict: the film you are recommending?

Chorus: Yes!

Olga: I really liked it.

Pauline: Well, to dream, at least...

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