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Emelianenko vs. koklyaev

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Look rate is now 7.40

And the majority are confident in the victory of Sani

I Have such considerations.

Emelianenko in a disgusting form, he can't gain weight, totally worn out, ass is almost not visible. On some videos he tongue-tied from fatigue. He is constantly cheating on video. When weighed said that dropped the scales on zero, but the scoreboard showed. However, the scale showed a little over a hundred, it's not a lot for growth. Shows prisady with thread, and cuts out then the rest. Doing a deadlift 200 without straining, with a crooked back, pancakes on the rod are different, the weight is not showing. Shows some speed, swinging his hands in the air, although he understands perfectly that such a "speed" without an accent nifiga does not. This knockout blow he never had, I only remember one clean knockout on the opposite line. The light it puts out is not working serially and finishes(this, incidentally, is typical for MMA). Now, judging by the video for training, still worse, plus weight. That means he's at least not going down Koklyaev in the first exchange.

With the nerves he's got problems, too. Twirling the rosary, which is horrible spasms in the neck. Calm it make. The fact that he is aggressive and tactless, infinitely exalts itself, trying to break, says that he is seriously panicking.

even when performed in professionals Ahmad, as far as I remember, met noramimi. No serious fighting was not for several years, and even those he barely squeezed

the Fight will be under Boxing rules, it is very uncomfortable, first there is no ground, how does he know, and secondly the weight of gloves to hit harder, thicker protection. In and of itself unusual it will be to demoralize further.

Have Koklyaev chances are good. In exchange he has the advantage in the strike. With Boxing he knows his son is. Chances are your estimates so clearly. If he put on the shot, the equipment he needs. His winning strategy: to stand and to lure Sasha to the rapprochement. Not to dog you, just to put some pressure on, but not running after him. The main thing is not to succumb to running around, not exhausting, to not work as foreman with Ali. The ideal option is to catch in exchange or failure, then it's over. Need a good rest before the fight, you can quit training now, still a month he technique is not accumulated. Better to work on accuracy and speed of impact, not really straining. To live moderately comfortably, but with alcohol and women not to rest.

All this will be enough and if not koklyaev blunt, he will win the fight.

Sani has a chance to otbivatsya and take on points. But frankly run the whole fight he is unlikely to be.

besides, koklyaev offended, it might give an extra incentive.

therefore, the coefficient is overstated I think, and he most likely will still grow.

the Bookies in such battles often rely on the dark horse

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