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Yandex ❤ mathematics

Blog Yandex 02.10.2019 at 09:20

Blog Yandex

In the Summer of 2022 in Saint-Petersburg will host the international Congress of mathematicians, or ICM. This is the largest and most famous conference of mathematicians, which is held from the end of XIX century. The Congress meets every four years and coming scientists from around the world. At the opening ceremony of ICM international mathematical Union announces the names of new winners of four prestigious awards in mathematics, including the subject, the fields medal prize. It is awarded in 1936, and it is sometimes called the "mathematical Nobel prize".

, Russia will host the Congress for the first time. Before ICM once took place in the USSR, in 1966. Russian mathematical school is considered to be one of the strongest in the world — is enough to recall the names of Lobachevsky, Chebyshev, Markov, Kolmogorov, and other scientists. Russian and Soviet mathematicians made a great contribution to the development of modern data science. Their accomplishments have created the basis for the emergence of technologies and algorithms that are now used everywhere: in the field of IT and banking, retail and healthcare.

the Mathematical Congress — a big event to prepare for which starts in a few years. Yandex will also participate in the training. We have become a technological partner of ICM 2022 — this means that our services and products will help the participants and organizers of the Congress.

Yandex will develop the ICM website and mobile app. On the website you will find all the information about the event: the schedule of reports, news of the organizing Committee, information on related activities and so on. There, participants can register for the Congress and book the hotel and flights via Yandex.Travel, take a tour around Saint-Petersburg. The app will help participants to navigate the place. It will bring together different Yandex services, which will be useful in the city. In the application of ICM, guests will be able to consult the Cards to know how to get to the right place, thanks a lot for writing the sign or line from the menu, to call a car through Yandex.Taxi and so on.

We have already created for the organizers of ICM mail service on the basis of Yandex.Mail — it is used for communication with partners and guests — as well as launched a page with basic information and news of ICM. Full version of website work at in 2021. See you in St. Petersburg!