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How to return the defective product

Legal advice 04.10.2019 at 13:55

Legal advice

An Explanation of the rights of the buyer to return the item with a defect, the timing of such return and the possibility of its implementation without a receipt are given in the material posted today on the official website of the lower house of Parliament. According to the General rules, when the product of deficiencies the buyer may request replacement product from the same brand and model or product of another brand and model, but with conversion rates, as well as immediate free elimination of defects of the purchased goods or reimbursement of the cost of the repair. And allowed to completely abandon the transaction by the return of the defective goods and demanded to return the paid amount. And to complain not only to the seller (the shop where you purchased the product), but the manufacturer and the importer of the goods (article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation of February 7, 1992 № 2300-I "About consumer rights protection"; Law No. 2300-I). It should be remembered that will not be the basis for refusal in satisfaction of requirements and absence of the buyer of the commodity or cash voucher. Regarding the timing of treatment of claim, the state Duma drew attention to the fact that in some cases they can extend beyond the warranty period of the product. This applies, in particular, of seasonal products for which the warranty period and the service life calculated from the date of occurrence of the season, the beginning of which is determined by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the basis of climatic conditions of the location of the consumers. "For example, in the Penza region, 15 Mar starts spring may 1 – summer September 1 – autumn, and from November 1 – winter. In Moscow a little different – spring begins March 1", – noted in the material. So, for example, if shoes are bought in may and the warranty on it is 30 days, this period will be considered only with the onset of winter. If the warranty period is generally not set, then in most cases a claim is allowed within two years from the date of receipt of the goods.