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The control area NZDUSD 07.10.19

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Daily analytical reviews of the Forex market

At the end of last week the pair reached the weekly KZ 0.6333-0.6321 and the range of the average speed. This allowed to stop the growth. In the beginning of the week continued growth can become the basis for the build plan. Downside movement must be seen as a corrective to one of the most important areas of support.

Work within the framework of the upward movement can be the base for the first half of the month, if closing of next trading session will occur above the weekly KZ.

To implement an alternative model would require the absorption of the Friday traffic and the closing of the American session below NKZ 1/2 0.6275-0.6269. In this case, the rising model will be completed and sales will once again come to the fore.

Day short - day control area. The area formed an important data with the futures market that change several times a year.

the Weekly KZ - week control area. Area education are important markers of the futures market, which change several times a year.

this could turn trend neutral zone. Area, which is a reflection of the average volatility over the last year.

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