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Harvester Case: a modern machine for the Assembly of the grain

Tow trucks 03.10.2019 at 20:22

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

Farmers can work with a reliable and productive equipment for harvesting field crops from the fields. Such opportunities has machine Case. This harvesting machine is characterized by reliability, performance and comfort. High productive capacity and operational endurance make this technique popular in many countries. When it comes to buying a car for work in the field, farmers prefer special equipment Case. The harvester easily removes grains from the fields, using the direct or separate method. Harvester equipped with the threshing and separating mechanism. The grain is supplied to the separation, at a time when the machine operates. From the combiner a very comfortable cabin. She has a broad overview. The undercarriage of the vehicle has great power and maneuverability. The harvester can work on difficult sections.