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Udmurtneft produced Mishkinskogo Deposit of 40 million tons of oil

"Oil of Russia" 03.10.2019 at 13:51

"Udmurtneft" has extracted 40 million tons of oil Mishkinskogo field, located in Sharkan and Votkinsk areas of the Udmurt Republic in the area of over 320 square km.

Current oil Fund field is 793 wells with average daily output of more than 2 thousand tons. Recoverable reserves are estimated at 26 mln tons of oil.

the First exploration well was started August 10, 1973. The field is mnogoletnim: Vereyskaya, Bashkirian, visean deposits are developed with maintaining reservoir pressure. Because of the special characteristics of layers and composition of the oil Mishkinskogo field became a testing ground for new technologies. Here was tested the method thermopolymers and cold reservoir flooding, and for the first time in Udmurt Republic technology of horizontal drilling.

to Keep production Mishkinskogo deposits at a stable level allows the complex workovers and the drilling of horizontal wellbores with hydraulic fracturing. Also, the field exploration work continues to identify new promising deposits.