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Problem with HDR, the non-uniform illumination and mediocre viewing angles. TV TV OnePlus was controversial ProAudio 06.10.2019 at 10:28 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, highlighting the issues of hardware personal computers, communications and servers, 3D-graphics and sound, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors mobile communications and peripherals, gaming applications and much more.

Recently the company OnePlus introduced its first televisions. Model TV 55 TV 55 Q1 and Q1 Pro differ only in sound system and price, so, if we talk about TV in General, except for the sound quality, one can estimate any model.

And this is done by our colleagues GSM Arena. They tested the model TV 55 Q1 Pro. To begin with we recall what OnePlus TV. The TV is equipped with a 55 inch panel QLED 4K UHD with the stated color gamut NTSC 120%. Power sound system — 50 watts. The TV slim frame, Android TV based and fairly functional mobile application.

so, version TV 55 Q1 Pro is different from ordinary sound system. Talking about the number of speakers, there's eight against four TV 55 Q1, and traveling Soundbar. He travels for 7 seconds, and hides back in 11 seconds. If you want you can make it so that he was not hiding at all.

To the stand, which, incidentally, is not supplied with your TV (Hello Apple) at the source have any questions. Television is very heavy (22.2 kg for the Pro version), why tamper with a TV lead to significant fluctuations. That is, if there is a risk that furniture, on which to stand the TV, someone might be hurt, it is better to hang it on the wall.

There are questions to the Soundbar. The fact that in the first instance at the source, the Soundbar is simply stuck in the extended position, after which OnePlus had replaced the TV.

Not the most comfortable was the remote. Buttons small, and the functions of the TV a lot. So very often one or another button you have to press to invoke the menu or to make some action. The button layout specialists source used are unable.

the Application on the smartphone though, and extends the capabilities of the remote control, but also has problems with the need to hold the button. In addition, neither the app nor the TV does not display the charging process of the panel, although it is probably correct updates.

But the saddest thing is that the claims the source is to the panel. In particular, in the SDR mode, the picture is great, but HDR is not so smooth. In fact, this regime is not much different from the SDR. One of the reasons only 16 zones, which can change the brightness independently of each other.

There are problems with the regime Dolby Vision, which is constantly active function of smoothing the movement, because of what sometimes there is a blur effect.

the viewing Angles are also not very good. In fact, with the shift to more-or-less substantial angle is already a noticeable distortion of the picture, that TV is much more critical than for the monitor. In addition, the uniformity of illumination is also not the best.

While it may seem that television was disastrous, but it's not. Image quality in normal mode is great, sound system is better than on most TVs, and the signature really is unique. But the cons of the TV when its price is, unfortunately, a bit too much.

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