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The history of the Fatherland in the novels, stories, documents in 25 volumes (1982-1991) FB2, DjVu

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Series "History of the Fatherland in the novels, stories, documents" includes books about the major historical events from the emergence of Rus to the present day. Each volume contains a Preface about this or that historical epoch, one or a few works of art on a given topic, historical documents, memoirs of contemporaries, essays, letters, publications etc. Each book is accompanied by a commentary and a list of recommended literature on the topic.

List of books:

the XII Century. Gold word.djvu

XIII Century. For the Russian land.djvu

XIV Century. Living water Nepryadva.djvu

the XV Century. The state we hold.djvu

Century XVI. The Moscow government.djvu

Century XVI. On The Eve Of The Troubles.djvu

Century XVI - XVII. Meeting the sun.fb2

the XVII Century. Buntashny century.djvu

the XVII Century. State at the same time.djvu

the XVII Century. So for ever single was.fb2

the eighteenth Century. Following the exploits of Petrov.djvu

the eighteenth Century. The thirst for knowledge.fb2

the eighteenth Century. The science of winning.djvu

the eighteenth Century. The century madly and wisely.djvu

Century XIX. A brilliant constellation.djvu

Century XIX. Storm of the twelfth year.fb2

Century XIX - XX. The mountain winds.fb2

the Century XX. In the ring of fire.djvu

the Century XX. The commune of the future creators.djvu

the Century XX. On a steep turn.djvu

the Century XX. The renewal of the earth.djvu

the Century XX. The first world war.djvu

the Century XX. The first assault.djvu

the Century XX. Holy war.djvu

the Century XX. Unbreakable Union.djvu