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Why don't need to warm up the engine in the car in the winter?

Auto News 03.10.2019 at 09:30

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In cold weather, by any driver using common sense, before you go anywhere in the car, starts the engine and gives it some time to idle, so he had a chance to warm up.

But is it necessary really? For this reason, a large number of opinions, and motorists can talk and argue for quite a while. In the end, drivers were put the question: is it necessary to perform automobile engine warming up in the winter time? It has a clear and specific answer: implementation of warm-up of the motor before the trip, absolutely not extend the period of his work that may surprise most of the drivers.

the Heating and operation.

engine warm up in cold season may lead to an insufficient amount of lubricant in the inner part of the engine block. The result is frequent warm-up becomes a strong reduction of the resource of his work because of deterioration of the lubricant in the components of the power plant.

more specifically, operation of the internal combustion engine is performed using pistons that produce a compression of a mixture of air and injected fuel which is subsequently ignited by a spark supplied by a spark plug in a special combustion chamber. Such combustion of fuel is an almost uncontrollable mini-explosion, the result of which is the allocation required to power all the internal components of the engine the amount of energy.

When the motor is cold, gasoline has a lower percentage of the ability to vaporize in sufficient quantity. This means that after Parking outside in the cold season, diesel can be practically unsuitable for the optimum degree of fire.

the system of modern engines.

the majority of engines in modern cars has in its structure multiple sensors, whose task is to monitor the temperature level on the street and, depending on the result of feeding a signal to a control unit to perform the injection of additional quantities of fuel. This means that in cold weather, even in poor vaporization of gasoline, the control system will carry the flow to the engine increased fuel quantity. It will happen as long as the heating temperature of the motor reaches 4-5 degrees.

the Consequences.

the Result of getting hit in the cold state into the combustion chamber of the engine more fuel than is required by the engine even when warmed-up. According to experts, this leads to the fact that all the extra amount of fuel is precipitated on the cylinder walls, which in turn helps to wash away the engine oil. It is also worth to recall that gasoline is an excellent solvent and when the engine is started in a cold state starts fast enough to wash grease. Could not agree more with the opinion that when they return for a short time is unlikely to cause substantial harm to the motor but when warm-up "the old way" for a long time, it can lead to a strong reduction of the service life of the power plant. The main reason this will be considered a constant shortage of inside engine of motor oil.

Source: CAR.RU