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"Without a Declaration of war." What happened to loyalty program VTB themes of the day 06.10.2019 at 21:02

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Customers VTB massively complain about changes in the bonus program "multiple boosters". The Bank has reduced cashback and imposed restrictions on the validity of the bonuses and miles. Why VTB change the program and what to expect from the clients?

"Is a customer of the Bank for more than a year, writes in "National ranking" client VTB from Vyborg. — Saving up points to the collection to purchase a baby gift. Saving up for a long time. But about September 12, I needed the goods disappeared from the program collection. Was patiently waiting for the. And suddenly today, EVERYTHING went up by 50 percent. To buy the necessary for a child's thing already points not enough in any way. Occurred this situation without warning and "Declaration of war". (Here and further the punctuation and spelling of the authors of the reviews are stored.)

About "without a Declaration of war" in the press service of the Bank argue: about changes in the program, customers warned SMS alerts on the website of the Bank and the bonus program. Looks like the ad has not reached all destinations.

Cried points

Complaints changed by the Bank unilaterally the terms of the loyalty program "multiple boosters" received in from the Bank's clients — holders of credit and debit cards VTB "Multicarta". The program "multiple boosters" offers a few options to choose: "Collection", "Travel", "Cash back". Options allow you to get rewards for purchases on cards of VTB Bank and exchange them for goods, entertainment or travel to the catalogue on the official website of the program. Provides for obtaining kesbeke to the Bank card.

At the end of September, the customers of VTB are unable to use the points accumulated in the loyalty program of the Bank, on the same terms. So, one of the users complained about not being able use the card to pay for goods. Another participant in the program, using the card for over two years, wrote in "National ranking", not being able to pay for goods miles, as it did before. How to tell the user "multiple boosters" under the name Elena368, the map was the rest of miles — 42 463 miles. On 23 September she chose on the website goods, which are going to purchase miles, and laid them in the basket. "Approximately 13.00 (Chelyabinsk) program stopped working, I have left repeated requests on the hotline. Going into the program at around 19.30 and opening the basket of goods, found that goods became more expensive for 50 % of the original cost," said the Bank customer.

She asked VTB reply on the page "National ranking", why the program increased the cost of goods by 50% without changing the prices on the website partners.

Another claim of the users concerned the disappearance of the section "Certificates" (bonuses allow you to pay the certificates in partner shops). "What happened to the certificates in the bonus program? Think devalued denominations of certificates direct deception lying to the Bank and failure to comply with the terms of the contract. Given that I have bonuses and miles VTB will burn the 1st of October, I believe that the Bank lied to me. Therefore, require to extend the duration of my bonuses and to give the opportunity to buy certificates of the bonus program at face value," wrote the members.

"Suddenly September 23, a week before the expiration of the miles, all the goods and services on which to spend are on average 50% more expensive. As an example, the certificate in "Children's world" with nominal value 1000 rubles — previously, it was possible to buy for 1000 miles. Now for the 1500. You are there at all their customers for idiots?" — outraged another client of the Bank. In the "people's rating" multiple users "Multimap" reported that consider the question of changing the Bank in connection with the deterioration of the loyalty program.

Grocery widget Bonuses with an expiration date

loyalty Program "multiple boosters", indeed, one of the most attractive on the market. According to the, taken over 7 million customers. From October 1, VTB has changed the rules of receiving and using bonuses under the program, explained in a press-service of the credit institution. Categories "Cash back", "Auto", "Restaurants" into a single option. In the category "Auto" maximum cashback bonuses is now 5% (was 10%). But it must be observed that a number of conditions: the monthly turnover on the map from 150 thousand rubles, the balance in the Bank of 100 thousand rubles and payment of all goods and services through the services of contactless payment Pay.

If the client is not used to pay system Pay or turnover was less than 75 thousand rubles, cashback is 2%. If all conditions are fulfilled, but the account balances of VTB from the client less than 150 thousand rubles, cashback will be 4%, less than 100 thousand rubles — 3%.

Changes have occurred in the category "Travel". Previously, for every 100 rubles spent, the Bank has accrued 2 miles from a turnover of up to 75 thousand and 4 miles of over 75 thousand rubles, now — 2 miles for every 100 rubles irrespective of the turnover.

If miles had no time limits, now the validity period is one year from the date of accrual. In the absence of changes in the balance of the bonus account and card transactions during the six months of previously accrued remuneration is burnt fully. For transactions performed outside the Russian Federation (excluding Internet transactions), interest is not accrued. But, as stressed in the press service, the Bank lifted restrictions on the number of bonuses and miles in a month. In addition, now when calculating the maximum percentage of remuneration takes into account not only the momentum map client account balances.

questions about the inability of customers to pay bonus certificates partner stores in the Bank replied that this service is suspended. "In September, there was an increased demand for them, therefore part of the goods was unavailable to users", — reported in the credit organization.

What happened to the price of goods and services partners in the program "multiple boosters"? As noted in a press-service VTB, it "corresponds to the prices of suppliers". Moreover, suppliers have discounts which also apply to goods and services presented in the "multiple boosters," noted the press service.

Dear customers

the Bank said that the changes in the loyalty program "multiple boosters" correspond to the market situation. "VTB should market conditions and carries out the changes followed by other banks... we had the task to simplify the design of the product itself, in connection with what has changed not only the basic conditions for the loyalty program, but the design of the "Multimap" as a whole", — told in a press-service VTB. The Bank pay attention to new, more convenient website programs, and also the presence of 100 proposals from partners, with charges up to 14% extra for Bank charges. The Bank promises in October to expand the pool of partners.

Since the beginning of the year, many large banks began to worsen the conditions of accrual of kesbeke on existing cards or replace them with new products with less attractive terms. "It is a General trend to the worsening of the terms of loyalty programs on the Russian banking market. If two to four years ago, the big banks fought for market-competitive products, but now the trend is the opposite," — says the analyst of Vadim Tikhonov.

"As a rule, banks are changing the terms of programs in two cases: if originally incorporated financial model was not justified and the program is unprofitable, or if the effect of the program decreases and the current model is not motivating for users to increase transaction volume," — said the Director of Department of development of retail products and client base of the Bank "Union" Polina Berseneva.

according to the Director — head of Bank ratings Agency "NKR" Mikhail Doronkin, the choice is really lucrative offers in order to definitely to change one Bank to another, markedly narrowed. This happens on the background of gradual decrease in size of commissions that the banks get from retailers if you pay with goods and services, and is formed from which cashback on the map. "In the case of the widespread introduction of QR codes when paying the fee may be reduced even more, therefore trend towards deterioration of the terms of kesbeke can be considered long-term," notes Doronkin. As head of Bank products development and projects Bank, "freedom Finance" Murad Shikhmagomedov stressed that in recent time has increased the pressure on the payment system both from the market and from the state.

Losing loyalty programs for banks be also due to changes in customer behavior. So, Alfa-Bank said that the formation of the first loyalty programs of banks are focused on a wide audience of customers. A feature of these programs was that they were developed based on the model of the average customer and have never had as its goal the income.

"But the model changes with time due to the fact that there is always a small percentage of customers who are inclined to maximize their benefits by using all the loopholes in the rules. And the number of such customers grows, they create a community, share experiences, popularitybut such practices. In the end, this leads to the fact that loyalty programs are becoming too expensive for banks", — consider in alpha Bank.

As they say, Alfa-Bank, in fact, banks have two ways out of this situation. The first is to modify its loyalty program and to worsen the conditions for all customers. The second limiting excessive bonuses is only a small portion of customers (1-2% who abuse the program), to maintain an attractive environment for everyone else.

According to Michael Doronkina, to the extent that, as more and more banks will change the terms of the bonuses, weight programs kesbeke when choosing a Bank you will depart on the second plan, and the priority given to different parameters, in particular the convenience of mobile banking.