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Microsoft has patented vibrating pad VR

News — Gambling 07.10.2019 at 09:13

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One of the problems in modern virtual reality devices is that the screens in the helmet displays an image of the real world. Because there are likely to bump into furniture or interior items. And because Microsoft has patented a special floor Mat that will warn the user about possible clashes. The idea is to embed the markers in the Mat on which headset would be to determine the boundaries of the safe zone. In addition, the Mat will be the pressure sensors and actuators haptic feedback that will further alert the user through vibration. Separately it is noted that the pad will be modular which will allow you to adjust the size for the room. It is important to understand that this is only a patent, so to talk about the terms and characteristics of the finished solutions yet. It is not excluded that such a device will never see the light of day. Although the illustration you can see the Xbox and the Kinect, so maybe in Redmond are seriously thinking about making such a decision.