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Novaya pesnya DAN MCCAFFERTY

Music news : 06.10.2019 at 04:21

Russian web magazine dedicated to rock, metal, gothic and industrial music

"You And Me", novaya pesnya gruppi DAN MCCAFFERTY, dostupna dlya proslushivaniya nizhe. Etot trek vzyat iz alboma "Last Testament", vihod kotorogo zaplanirovan na 18 oktyabrya na earMUSIC.


01. You And Me (Electric)

02. Why

03. Looking Back

04. Tell Me (Single)

05. I Can't Find The One For Me

06. Look At The Song In My Eyes

07. Home Is Where The Heart Is

08. My Baby

09. Refugee

10. Mafia

11. Sunshine

12. Nobody's Home

13. Right To Fail

14. Bring It On Back

15. You And Me (Acoustic) #Dan_McCafferty #DanMcCafferty

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