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The lead singer of PRETTY MAIDS cancer

Music news : 06.10.2019 at 18:33

Russian web magazine dedicated to rock, metal, gothic and industrial music

PRETTY MAIDS Vocalist Ronnie Atkins shared the following message on the official Facebokk page:

"Just scary how your world can change in just a couple of weeks. I visited the doctors with a routine examination and complained of some back pain in the middle of August. Then underwent a series of scans, bronchoscopy, biopsy, etc. and spent a lot of time waiting for answers while in uncertainty. And finally, three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer.

of Course it was a shock for me and for my family and loved ones, as happened unexpectedly, without any typical symptoms, it all happened and developed very quickly recently.

I have already started treatment two weeks ago, had surgery, and then spent about 10 days in the hospital with pneumonia, apparently associated with the action.

According to the medical staff, I have a good perspective, given that it's lung cancer. However, in the next few months I will have to continue the treatment. This means that I, unfortunately, will be forced for an indefinite period of time to withdraw from most music events.

I go at it with a positive attitude and with a continued love and support of my family and friends, I am determined to fight this disease as soon as I can and with God's help!"

PRETTY MAIDS have cancelled all previously announced concerts of the group and has suspended future plans:

"ALL attention is focused on the health of Ronnie and his treatment." #Pretty_Maids #PrettyMaids #HardRock #Hard_Rock #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #PowerMetal #Power_Metal #Hard 'n' Heavy #_Hard 'n' Heavy

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