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A group of Dyatlov could kill because of pictures unsuccessful launch military rockets

NEWS PLANET 07.10.2019 at 08:17

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Mikhail Sharavin, who personally participated in the search, said that students could be assassinated for pictures of the rocket. So, a group of Dyatlov had a lot of cameras and films (about six). Some devices after the discovery of the bodies of the tourists were not films that makes you wonder. According to Sarafina, tourists can see a failed test of military rockets and shoot it on film, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

the Missile in the Northern Urals could cause radiological contamination of people. A threefold excess of background radiation motivated to finally deal with the students. Injuries, by the way, was a lot. All were antemortem in nature, found by the medical examiner in 1959.

Finally understand the business can help papers classified by the FSB. The avalanche definitely excluded, since the damage on the bodies are not randomly scattered. To get to the truth, it is also necessary to exhume the bodies.

Recall that the students were killed in the Feb 1959 near the mountain Kholat syakhl in the North of Sverdlovsk region. Has left the life of 7 young boys and 2 girls. To this day no one knows the exact cause of death.