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How to become immortal: scientists have named five ways

NEWS PLANET 07.10.2019 at 15:06

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Some minds tend to infinite lives, not realizing that this may be the worst punishment you can think of, informs a portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM with reference to RADIO SPUTNYK.

the Molecular immortality

Aging happens due to the cluttering of the cells of toxic substances and stop their division. If I will be able to support the work of the body at the cellular level, will considerably increase life expectancy. How to help the cells, scientists still have to find out. The most common variants: the rejuvenation of fresh blood and blocking the oxidative processes in cells.

the Cloning or transplanting "worn out" bodies

Medicine is able to transplant everything to the authorities, but who will be the donor? There is a way out – cloning. Yet it is allowed only in China, there was already successfully cloned animals.

Gene editing

Aging can be considered a kind of disease that is embedded in the DNA of living things. On aging impact of mitochondria and telomeres (the length of which is shortened). Therefore, you need to find a way of influencing the DNA.

Information copy

If you cannot save the body, then you need to try to save the data of the person's memory. A person may continue to live in the form of a computer program. The first studies in this field have already been carried out.


Right to freeze people, scientists have learned, but to defrost – no. Was able to recover only small animals, while large tissue damaged. At the moment, more than a dozen people waiting for thawing.