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Antarctica is melting: glaciers there were lakes of melt water

NEWS PLANET 07.10.2019 at 15:57

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Antarctica can be quite vulnerable to global warming much more than some time ago scientists thought. To similar conclusions came after were examined the surface of the continent. Experts have found a huge number of lakes with melt water, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM citing Scientific Reports.

Scientists have been studying satellite images, which were obtained in early 2017. Then it was discovered more than 65 thousand reservoirs that contain fresh water. Most don't exceed the size of the pool. The largest reached the size of 70 square kilometers.

Experts believe that over the last two years has formed many lakes of small size, but used equipment is not able to fix them. A large part of the reservoirs having at an altitude of 300 meters and below. Approximately 60% of all lakes are located on the glaciers, which are at the edges of the ice sheet of the continent.

Experts say that the lakes of large size occur only on those shelves, which soon will be destroyed. For example, hundreds of lakes have disappeared shortly before the collapse of the glacier Larsen B. most Likely, the water fills cracks in the ice layer, which leads to the destruction of glaciers.

Scientists added that such a large number of water bodies may indicate the instability of the glacier. At the moment the threat of collapse and dangerous regions will be carefully monitored.