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Forbidden Soviet Ghost town

The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 07.10.2019 at 01:00

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At first glance, the main entrance to a military town Skrunda-1 in Latvia unremarkable — a normal CAT, iron gates, Parking for cars in front of them. But if you look properly, you will notice the signs and traces that appear only in the abandoned and non-settlements, no longer need.

Skrunda-1 is a former Soviet military town, built on the territory of Latvia in the 1960-ies. The city was created to operate independent radar node of the system of missile warning (EWS HORTA). On the territory of the Skrunda-1 were barracks, block 10 houses, school, kindergarten, hotel, community center and hospital. But after the Soviet collapse in 1991, Russia had to pay $ 5 million a year for rent. Subsequently, Latvia has banned the further construction of the station. In 1998, the city was left by the last people and the equipment was destroyed.

And for many years the town of Skrunda-1 is and inevitably turns into ruins, and only left clothing, documents, and inscriptions on the walls remind us that once there lived and worked the people.

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