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Daughter Ksenia Borodina was urgently operated on Breaking news 07.10.2019 at 20:05

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10-year-old man was in the hospital.

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Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

last Friday Ksenia Borodina had to endure not the most pleasant moments. Her older daughter Mary was taken by ambulance from school and was urgently operated on."She went to school, all was well, — says Borodin. — Then I got a call from school and said she became ill... Then the Ambulance... Then the decision about the surgery, I thought I would go mad. Good thing my husband never left my side even for a second, I'd be really crazy... When it comes to you, everything is terrible, but the head thinks, and when the child... turns out we have appendicitis. And there were no signs! Well that's all the time. Now we're home, but those 40 minutes in the operating room I will never forget, thanks to the doctors, all done quickly".Marusya was discharged on the third day. So it went well. She looks great and feels fine, and cut appendicitis resembles a band-aid on his stomach and hand."In time the mother came back from the us", says Ksenia.