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Ex-husband of Ani Lorak, Yuri Thales shared the story of his success Breaking news 07.10.2019 at 20:05

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Famous producer Yuri Thales, who was the first civil husband of Ani Lorak, recently gave an interview on the show "Personal territory". Now, when the man is 58 years old, he can tell how he came to the activities of the producer, and what shenanigans he had to pull.

Before becoming a producer Yuri Thales to build a career in Magadan, it was there that he received his first major post of the engineer of the airport. After some time, he was promoted to chief of the division of special transport in the same airport. Being in such a position, the producer was able to develop a plan to fully meet the fleet airport equipment for several years. However, this scheme was not entirely legitimate.

the jury said that for his actions, and the actions of his colleagues, all of them could be put in jail. It turns out that they used in their order of cargo aircraft Il-76. All special equipment, which stood unnecessarily in the airport, they were loaded on Board the aircraft and sent to other