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The Ministry of economic development explained the increase of taxes on small business monitoring of the banking press 08.10.2019 at 06:40

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Ministry of economic development discussed the freezing at the current level of the conditions of special tax regimes for entrepreneurs — a single tax on imputed income (UTII), the patent system of taxation (PSN) and trading fee, but this idea is not supported by the Finance Ministry, told RBC press service of the Ministry of economic development.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Ministry of Finance after the end of the day.

Previously, the Ministry published a draft order with the coefficients for the annual indexation of taxes for small businesses in 2020. According to the document, imputed income, patent and trading fees will increase 4.9% next year after 2.5% in 2019 For the imputed income it is the most significant improvement in 2015, when growth was 7.5%.

the Project with the specified parameters should come into force in November, if the authorities decide to freeze the indexation of taxes for small businesses, as happened at the end of 2015.

the Ministry argues that the calculation of the deflators is not dependent on the will of the Agency and produced to a pre-defined algorithm. "The Ministry of economic development has no authority to make appropriate adjustments," — said the press service of the Ministry. You can change the order only the amendments to the Tax code, according to the Ministry.

"the Question about the next freezing the coefficients in the Tax code is discussed separately from the order. Previously, the Ministry had discussed such a freeze, but that proposal was not supported by the Ministry of Finance", — said the Agency.

Article of the Tax code about indexes-deflators indicates only that their calculation for each subsequent year depends on changes in consumer prices in the year prior. In 2010 the Ministry of economic development explained that the calculation is based on the average annual consumer price index (CPI) for the current year (currently 4.7 percent in 2019), the actual value of the CPI for the previous year (2.9% in 2018), and forecast annual average CPI in the previous year at the time of preparation of the relevant project (2.7 per cent for 2018). This algorithm was not changed, the reply of the Ministry, for 2020 it gives the rate of indexation of taxes for small businesses 4.9%.


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