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Open view of pterosaurs for a few million years survived, and their relatives

News of cryptozoology 04.10.2019 at 06:09

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Scientists have discovered a previously unknown species of pterosaur from Cretaceous Turonian layer (90-93 million years ago), which probably survived the other members of its genus, extinct in the Cenomanian layer(94-100 million years ago). The article is devoted to the discovery, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

the Pterosaurs known from fossils found on every continent, but their remains are often incomplete and fragmentary because their bones are thin and hollow. Fossils of pterosaurs in Australia especially rare, and only known of 20 such instances.

the Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology in cooperation with foreign colleagues have discovered a new pterosaur, which they called Ferrodraco lentoni(from lat. ferrum — iron, and draco the dragon), in the Winton formation in Queensland. Based on the form and characteristics of its jaws, including ridges on the upper and lower jaws and spiky teeth, the authors identified the sample as belonging to the genus Anhanguera, which is known from the early Cretaceous Romualdo formation of Brazil.

on comparing the new view with other pterosaurs of this kind suggests that its wingspan was approximately four meters. The authors also reported a number of unique characteristics of his teeth, including a small front that distinguish Ferrodraco from other members of the genus and identificeret it as a new species. The fossil was discovered in 2017, part of a formation that may have formed in the early Turonian, and this suggests that these reptiles may have become extinct in Australia later than in other places.