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How to determine what kind of animal disappeared

News of cryptozoology 07.10.2019 at 07:55

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Researchers determined the disappearance of the species from indirect signs: destruction of habitat, lack of observations and other factors, told RIA Novosti researcher of the Zoological Museum of Moscow state University Pavel Smirnov during the world animal protection day, celebrated on 4 October.

In 2015, scientists announced the beginning of the age of extinction of animals on Earth, this is the sixth such event in the history of the planet. From that moment came a few works, confirming the original conclusion of scientists. This rapid extinction is associated with a sharp increase in global temperatures, which in turn is due to anthropogenic greenhouse emissions. In addition, the animals suffer immense pressure from the people.

"To observe the progress of extinction with my own eyes there is a certain complexity: it is much easier to record the existence of a particular type in a particular locality, than to prove that he is here significantly disappeared. Therefore, the fact of extinction of living organisms is usually deemed on the basis of not only the field expedition, and as a result of analysis of a number of direct and indirect evidence. These include the presence or absence of a habitable condition, the area of potential habitat, the number of years without meeting him and so forth," - said Smirnov. He gave examples of when a significant decrease in the number of certain types of clearly visible, even to non-specialists.

"is a Good example of the sharp rise of prices and the almost complete disappearance from retail sale of caviar of sturgeon as a result of Perevalova and degradation of river ecosystems. Most sturgeon species are currently on the verge of extinction, and some, for example, the Chinese paddlefish, most likely, have died," - said Smirnov.

It is also noted that the number of species may be influenced by the improvement in the cities. For example, in Moscow reduced the number of nightingales.

"Globally this wonderful bird is not in danger, however, improvement of riparian plantings by clearing dense thickets empties of birds, the usual conditions for life. For this reason, from the cities leaving many insects, is closely tied to any one type of trees or shrubs. These are just a few examples of how changes in the environment for the benefit of man be adverse for wildlife and reduce their numbers," - said the Agency interlocutor.