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The mystery of the Loch Ness monster

News of cryptozoology 07.10.2019 at 08:01

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Is There actually a Loch Ness monster? In the article we will try to understand it. For the first time about the Loch ness monster began to speak of the Roman conquerors, in the 5th century BC. In Chronicles it is described about the unknown beast in the river ness. Then references to the beast stopped before the 20th century. Only in 1880, the resident population of Scotland once again talking about the monster, when in calm weather under strange circumstances, sank a sailboat with people.

the Rumors and gossip around Nessie multiplied with lightning speed. A major publication has published an article, local couples who were eye-witnesses of the meeting with the monster. At the peak of popularity, here built a road where anyone could drive to the lake, home to a wonderful animal. Soon a quiet town, became a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world. The owner of one hotel even put observation points. Needless to say that the Loch Ness monster at that time already saw more than 20 times?

the Scottish Government by the time was trying to create a group to capture a dangerous monster, however, scientists claimed that there is no reason to believe that Nessie exists. In 1943, during the flight one of the pilots thought she saw in the lake something similar to Nessie. But during the war this is all quickly forgotten. Then again refers to several cases of men being. In 1957, there appeared a book with the memories of the witnesses called, "This is more than a Legend".

Despite the many witnesses, the evidence was not so much. One of the first evidence was the doctor Kenneth Wilson with the title "Photographs of a surgeon". However, the study showed that the photo is a falsification. The equally famous photo of aeronaut Tim Dinsdale made during aerial survey of the area. For a long time, the was considered irrefutable proof. But in 2005, when analysis of the image, failed to prove that picture is nothing but the trace of a moving boat.

there was a great number of theories, but nothing has been able to prove the version about the existence of the Loch ness monster. One of the last evidence, the lake in Google Earth where you can see unusual spot, reminiscent of the monster. However, skeptics argue that the flora and fauna of Loch ness is very scarce, and the creature of this size will not be able to feed themselves.

to analyze two main theories of the emergence of the version of sea monster. During the majority of the statements in those places stopped traveling circuses. So swimming elephants could be considered the monster from the lake. Second but no less important version — a dramatization of the residents of the area to attract tourists for income.