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Paper comics. "One-Punch Man": "06. Giant insect & Strongest" The article 04.10.2019 at 04:58

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"You can not see such battles!.." - once wrote Mikhail Lermontov, who in the past since two centuries with him not trying to argue! Yet another variation of the lines "the Earth shook as our Breasts, / Mixed in a bunch of horses, people" (except without the horses) offer Japanese master of the art of the pseudonym One author and related to him by the spirit of the artist, Yusuke Murata.

the very ground shakes! Well, it seems that this world will go nuts!

the Situation is out of control: almost all cities were attacked by whole swarms of different monsters threat level "Demon" and above – and so many of them that just physically not be able to repel all attacks! "We see the tragic shortage of heroes," have to admit alone. "We can say, the victory of the Association of monsters destiny" - pre-celebrate others.

at the same time very close to unfolding Superbeta between the martial arts – but neither the participants nor the spectators of the competition are not even aware about what is "really going on outside the stadium", as due to the roaring crowd no one can hear the warning signal...

Characters have to fight a bunch of creatures at a time, and one by one they lose the fight. Monsters too much! It is not only the quantity, but also in the high level threat! And if the monster will continue to attack, humanity faces complete annihilation!

What men, what monsters, they all seem very wrong about each other. The monsters are much stronger than it seemed to people. And little people – significantly weaker than they thought monster.

the Sixth volume "Anpanman" - flawless in its perfection tutorial installation, tightening to four full strips of events have only one, it seems, of the day. Dozens of characters, dozens of locations, dozens of varying degrees of ferocity of fighting – and it all wound into a ball so tight that there is no time even to gasp. One has barely begun the fight, for example, continues to takes its toll ... only a few chapters and one hundred and fifty pages - but you will understand, realize and appreciate it, except that in that case, if then exhaling, rewind back and check my numbering!

Yes, I have repeatedly had occasion to note how responsible the Japanese authors approach the creation of invariably raging at aspadeva the boiling point of the narrative, but still each new time amazed at how cool all this is invented, painted, and assembled. "Low genre", "entertainment", "for kids"?!. Even so – but how cool is done!

- please Show me your martial art.

well, if you insist, then now you're in their own skin will feel all of my terrible powers. I'll show you what a real injury. First I hit you in the legs. Then the impact on the calves, making themselves demons cry, you'll never be able to walk. Then by hand. Knowing my fight bears blow, have you never even pencil can't the fingers to keep. Further internal organs. Blow the Asuras, like the blade, torn to mess all your guts. And finally the head. Hand-sword, sending straight to hell, will split your skull into many pieces. That's all, in this world you can't live anymore.

(do I Need to clarify what the result – in just a few seconds it ended ?..)

Turn manga One and Yusuke Murata "One-Punch Man 6: Books 11-12"