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Review "Comic Con Russia 2019", the fourth day The article 06.10.2019 at 20:44

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Last day of the exhibition "Comic Con Russia 2019", as expected, turned out to be the most eventful and crazy: fans of Andrew Scott and Mads Mikkelsen were ready to crush each other for the opportunity for a moment to look live on the idol. In addition to the actions of the European movie stars, the presentation of the new movie Danila Kozlovsky; demonstrated exclusive content from post-apocalypticism blockbuster "the Outpost" Egor Baranova, and writer Dmitry Glukhovsky told about the adaptation of his novels.

To representatives of the fairer sex of today, the exhibition became the real holiday, which kicked off with the heartthrob Danila Kozlovsky, who presented his new directorial project "Karamora".

Communicating with fans Kozlowski said that she wanted to work with Oleg Menshikov, and in the near future this will be possible. Also, the Director admitted that he sees himself as a drama theatre Director.

Perhaps the most interesting speech Kozlovsky was a monologue about the recent "Joker" Todd Phillips, the actor stressed that the example of "the Joker" we see an unprecedented case when one of the conservative festivals filmed the comic strip was able to get the trophy, and it's not the popularity of kinokamera, and that the Director was about to say.

Three days in a row, the popular Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen appeared before the Russian public firmly and adequately answering their questions. At this time, the actor said that he had received the most unusual gift in Russia in the form of nesting dolls of himself, admitted he did not believe in reincarnation. believing that you need most to take from the life that is given to us now and said that happiness in children. And relaxes Mikkelsen Cycling, thus clearing the head from unnecessary garbage.

as a respite between the most desirable audience of stars, was a competition cosplay fashion show based on the video game "CyberPunk 2077".

the opening act For the main nail of the day Andrew Scott, went to the scene Creator of the phenomenal book of the universe "Metro 2033" Dmitry Glukhovski. The writer spoke about the reactions of the first viewers who have already seen the upcoming film "Text" — the film adaptation of the novel by the fantastic. According to the author many noted games of Alexander Petrov, who in the new movie finally plays like a "live" person. Said that Kristina Asmus was ready to do anything to get into a film role, hoping to get rid of the role of a comedic actress, and not without question about the scandal with journalist Ivan by Holonovel, which is very similar to the plot of the book Text. However, Glukhov said nothing new, calling it a pure coincidence.

After the presentation of the painting "the Text" Dmitry Glukhovsky went on to talk about the most anticipated film adaptation, as a fan and the writer of the novel "Metro 2033". The writer dreamed about this more than ten years, and then came the moment when the project was put into development. Glukhov confessed that initially it was hoped that the adaptation would do in Hollywood. As Directors he considered David Fincher, Zack Snyder, Timur Rodriguez and Marx foster ("world War Z"), but the main ideas of the novel have stopped working in Hollywood and has lost its main meaning, so the project has not found its implementation in the "factory of dreams". At the moment the development of the film doing "TV-3" and "TNT PREMIER", the script will be ready at the end of this year, and most importantly: not in the movie Alexander Petrov.

On the performance of the hero of the day Andrew Scott was going crazy: fans squealed with delight, cried from happiness and was speechless when the opportunity arose to ask a question to your idol.

Answering the questions Andrew Scott admitted that he wanted to play Tom Ripley, a character created by Patricia Highsmith, and this dream finally became a reality - Scott got the role of Ripley in the upcoming adaptation of the novel. The actor previously said that he tries to play those heroes who are close to him in spirit, in this connection, the question arose: what Scott drew Tom Ripley is a crook and a murderer. Andrew Scott properly and professionally retorted: "I am not one of those types of actors that Stanislavsky become their characters. I just pulled out of the depths of his character those qualities that are inherent in my character".

the Actor was asked a lot of questions, answering which we found out that Scott likes the band "Queen" for the fact that their music unites humanity, regardless of race; of the last films the actor liked "Rocketman"; noted that he likes to play together with Benedict Cumberbatch as friends for a long time and advised to be sure to watch the upcoming movie "1917", where the actors together again. In conclusion, Andrew Scott gave advice to aspiring actors: never give up and to improve their skills.

Andrew Scott showed the utmost professionalism fully answered the questions, was very polite, and after the meeting we invited everyone who asked questions to him on stage, making the fans group photo.

the End of the day was the team of the Russian post-apocalypticism blockbuster "the Outpost". The film was directed by Yegor Baranov, the writer Ilya Kulikov and actress lukeria Ilyashenko. The audience showed exclusive content from the film, which was clearly inspired by the style of "blade Runner", and artworks of the great and terrible artist Hans Giger.

Initially, the film was developed as a serial. It was planned to make two films, each of which was to consist of three series. In the end, directed by Egor Baranov decided that the audience will be disappointed if at the end of the first film will not be disclosed to the main topic, therefore the creators have decided to combine all in one movie-the canvas, the duration of which was two and a half hours. The authors believe that the density pattern will not make the audience bored. For all of you who like the theatrical version of the movie "Outpost" at a later time will be released and television.