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Paper comics. "Flash" Joshua Williamson: "Negative" The article 08.10.2019 at 07:48

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Fifth Flash Joshua Williamson was thicker previous (248 pages), as it actually includes two original volumes – in fact, "Negative" and "Cold day in hell". And there is a certain logic: after all, the main character here – the fastest man on Earth, and we are with you in the pursuit of his adventures are lagging behind and therefore need to catch up, hurry to one day be more or less on a par with the American editions.

- In your eyes appeared in the darkness...

- You know nothing about me.

just say: made in the first paragraph, the word "adventure" seems to be familiar and in his hand there's "nothing"... However, it's obvious that with each Chapter things are getting grimmer and grimmer. Although it would seem, much much more: it all began, recall, with the fact that once the mother of Barry Allen was brutally killed and to jail went the innocent father...

After the death of his mother you've built this prison of grief and sorrow. And how many times have you tried to move on, you have all the time to return to it. But trust me, Barry... You've served your time.

not Even to mention the constant betrayals on all sides (against the Flash often turn to those with whom he was close), a novel about this guy is more like a superhero comic, and psychoanalysis: from self – destruction self-flagellation, from soul – searching- looking for a chance at redemption. "My greatest enemy is myself", that's all.

In this respect, does not help even a bonus Chapter, deliberately charged "optimism": there is a Christmas because of a storm at the airport got stuck all the planes are so Flash at the hands of the carries at home all prematurely distressed passengers. But the final discharge does not negate the pain, which from beginning to end soaked with this book.

I have lied to those who... trusted me. And I thought I was doing the right thing. That's the only way to protect people I love from pain. But I was wrong. And in the end, he's hurting them. { ... } I'm not the hero what they think.

Turn the graphic novel by Joshua Williamson "Flash. Book 5. Negative"

Beginning of a new history – a direct consequence of the previous one. Was eobard thawne, aka Reverse Flash, trying, as we remember, to sharpen his idol in a Negative Velocity Strength. "He wanted to hurt me, but instead I got caught up in it, says the Flash. And now I have a new set of abilities that I really don't understand".

Its effect is unpredictable. But I'll manage. I know. I have to deal with.

Along with the advantages (for example, "now the bullets turn to ash before time to hit me") there are notable cons: the hero leaves behind more destruction than the villains, but also – which is quite unusual! – now goes away after the battle on foot, and then a long time is tracked in an ice bath (and all because recently "my healing takes a lot longer").

I'd Like to blame the Negative Power of Speed... But who am I kidding? It's not my superpowers. Throughout the incident blame but myself. For a long time and did just feeling sorry for myself. {...} I've always tried to run from the past, but it's time to accept it. It's time to buck up and start living.

Turn the graphic novel by Joshua Williamson "Flash. Book 5. Negative"

there is some interesting meetings. For example, with Shrapnel, a monster of an organic metal ("His body is composed of fragments left over from various accidents and crashes"). Then Krovostok who knows how to "manage someone else's blood" - though "thickening it", though "make it boil".

Our blood is the key. She is the fountain of youth. However, it hid the hormone which our bodies begin to break down. He causes us to grow old... and eventually die... But what if we discovered his secret? What if we could make our blood to make us immortal?

But the main thing – in the fifth volume hero again hugging Mine Dhawan, supposedly dead in the first. Of course, we know that it is not – as has long been know that a potential contender for the title of "girl Flash" sang really with the enemy "Black hole": "I was not ready to die! There's so much I had to do!"...

I Wish my story was a story of redemption, but, alas, it is not about that... It's a revenge story.

Turn the graphic novel by Joshua Williamson "Flash. Book 5. Negative"

In this case, we learn that "the city began a new game" in Central city there was a mysterious crime boss – why even hardened homicide (by the way, they gave Barry the nickname "turtle") are lost, unable to understand exactly who launched another war for territory ("We're chasing a Ghost"). "To protect against the mysterious crime boss" is looking for even Copperhead – and it is in itself one more thing...

...Only three things were able to warm my soul: money, women... and the ability to cheat Flash.

And therefore very useful is the fact that Barry and his colleague Kristen (in which we try to discern the next "romantic interest", as iris is a hero, perhaps irreparably fallen out) "exiled" to serve in prison, "Iron heights" in "the hell" designed "for the worst of the worst"...

In the middle of the twentieth century on this island housed a military hospital, where one night there was a terrible fire. Hundreds of patients and staff trapped. The hospital burned to the ground. Then built one of the most secure prisons in the world. Yes, run away from here more often than Arkham. But every time, the fugitives once again find themselves here, locked up. And not because they are constantly caught, but because they can't stop.

in Short, it is said that the Joker was some sort of problem (which, as we know, allowed the new about it the film to become a psychological drama and win the Venice film festival). So, Flash, contrary to his former "the cuteness" - now not so much Scarlet, much the Crimson Speedster; Oh, if only he hadn't snapped...

Cover graphic novel by Joshua Williamson "Flash. Book 5. Negative"

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