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What about the relatives of the "Penny" did not suspect Soviet motorists 09.10.2019 at 07:13

Automotive edition

Almost fifty years ago, in April 1970, the conveyor has just built a plant in Togliatti down the car. It then VAZ-2101 will call a condescending nickname "penny", and at first, the Newspapers wrote about the "Soviet Fiat" — because RWD Vases were licensed versions of the Fiat 124. In Togliatti mastered the production of three models: base sedan 2101 was similar to baseline Fiat 124, wagon 2102 — modification 124 Familiare, and the model 2103 with Quad headlights was a "Russified" version of the Deluxe 124 Speciale. But was at "one hundred and twenty-fourth" Fiat other versions that fall in Togliatti could not under any circumstances — as too bourgeois and frivolous. And, by and large, unnecessary Soviet motorist — for most of which even the usual "unity" was a luxury.

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