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Top 5: what to wear with sweater 09.10.2019 at 16:49

In our country in autumn and winter dress code is: jeans + sweater. I love sweaters, and I'm sad that they are wrapped in such a boring combination. Tell you what else to wear the most exciting clothes.

Sweater + dress

This is a way to diversify the set with the dress and make the image warmer. It turns out the kit for free time so you can go to a cafe with friends. If the lax dress code or do you have a creative profession — it is also a great option.

I wore a warm sweater with braids in combination with the dress, chunky boots and a hat during pregnancy

Below — rowdy image with the dress in the frill. To mark the waist, you can take the bag on the belt.

the set sweater, bag, belt, dress and frill boots-Cossacks snake print

Sweater + straight skirt or pencil skirt

Sweater lends a whole different mood to the usual elegant skirt.

On a photo a boring office black pencil skirt, but she can't beat a delicious shade sweater with oversized sleeves. The complement of the elegant bag clear form. In the office you can take a bag bigger.

I recommend this kit to wear thick tights and ankle boots

In the photo below we see the contrast between the feminine (slit skirt, heeled ankle boots, soft bag) and sports (the sweater with the sleeves rolled up) directions.

look great with a sweater clip or earrings.

I Have included: straight slit skirt, sweater, clips, shoulder strap and velvet ankle boots

Sweater + pants elegant

a Cozy option for those who in the morning it is especially difficult to get out of the house in the chilly autumn. Photo white sweater with braids and plaid pants: very restrained, businesslike, but not without relaxed chic.

the Kit complement the shoes with pointed toes and bag an interesting shape. I would add to the image of a thin ring on each finger: long sleeve it looks good

the Second image is more "rowdy": the sweater in asymmetrical braids complemented by rough boots and taken by contrast velvet purse. If a strict dress code, so you can dress up a movie with friends.

This sweater is perfect for refreshing purposes overexposed pants.

the Thick sole — perfect for autumn mud

Sweater + skirt elegant

the chunky knit looks great in contrast to the dressy skirts.

I'm wearing a sweater-oversize deep blue color with a pink flowing skirt. Due to this contrast womens skirt does not look pretentious, but stylish, fresh and unusual.

the complement bag wine shade and grey shoes

Sweater smooths elegance, even if it is a skirt with sequins, as pictured below. This allows you to wear a “skirt out” on a weekday. After work, you can replace a big bag for a clutch bag to go to the exhibition.

complete sweater boxy clutch bag with sequin skirt and boots

Sweater + leather pants

a large knitted Sweater in combination with leather pants – great for the autumn and winter season. Get a really interesting combination of textures. The sweater can be tucked in, and leave untucked.

Beige sweater complement the shade of the swamp pants, shoes and a small handbag

included below, we see the collision of elegant (bag, shoes with heels, long earrings) and sports (a large knitted sweater and leather pants with stitching) directions.

If you replace the earrings small and simple to wear shoes and not shiny, the look is suitable for the office


the Most simple and familiar things can be wrapped in stylish combinations, if to be bold and unexpected approach. Don't be afraid to make sets with different textures (sequins + knit or leather + wool), such images always attract the eye, they want to consider.

I Have a whole course on "Closet to 100%: 20 things and 200 sets with them," where I tell you how from the base of clothing to make interesting images. Join

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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