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Introducing the Mini Station

Blog Yandex 09.10.2019 at 10:20

Blog Yandex

Today we showed the Station Mini, new smart column with a voice assistant Alice. It will fit in any corner of the apartment and will replace several devices from the remote to the alarm. Station Mini not only includes music, but also knows how to turn itself into a musical instrument. To manage a column as a voice and new way — gestures.

Station Mini is a compact smart column under the control of Alice, developed at Yandex. Due to the small dimensions it can be placed anywhere: on a table in the living room, on a shelf in the kitchen, on the nightstand in the bedroom, on the dresser in the nursery. It is available in two colors, black and white, and will fit into any interior.

Column substitutes a few devices. It can be an alarm clock radio, Bluetooth speaker system, smart home control and so on. The station runs a Mini Alice. She turns on the light in the room, send the robot cleaner to the cleaning, start the timer and will remind you to remove the cake from the oven, will answer questions from the children and entertain the guests with music and conversation. And when business is done, Alice will go to sleep under the sound of the waves, the patter of rain or birdsong.

Station Mini responds not only to voice, but to gestures. With one movement you can turn off the alarm or make the music louder or quieter. In some situations, the appropriate gestures voice commands: for example, if the child is asleep and it is time to stop the tale. Station Mini recognizes gestures using a special sensor. How it works, read our blog "Habrahabr".

Thanks to the support of gestures in Station Mini is an unusual musical mode. If you say "Alice, give me the sound" column will turn into a synthesizer that can be played by moving hands in the air like the theremin. To develop and implement this regime we helped Peter theremin, composer and performer on the theremin, the grandson of the inventor of the instrument of Lev Termen.

Station Mini is able to mimic the sound of the piano, guitar, violin, percussion and even pots and gravitsapu — over 30 instrumental styles. They were created by musician-experimentalist Anton Maskalides and Studio Monoleak. To learn about the different styles, say, "Alice, what synth sounds do you know?". And to choose a specific style, say: "Alice, give me the sound of the vibraphone".

Column will cost 3990 rubles. October 30th she will be on sale in the Moscow Yandex store, and the next day — on the marketplace, and Take in "the Messenger". Along with a column each buyer will receive a three month subscription Yandex.Plus.

on the first day of sales in the Yandex store will operate a special offer. The Mini station will be available for free — in exchange for any speaker or other device that can play music. Better come early for the free exchange reserved a limited number of columns. Collected we recycle equipment in compliance with all environmental requirements.

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