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How to make money on reviews?

Serega's blog Goncharova 06.10.2019 at 17:53

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

Hey fans to earn!

When promoting a website or online store, often order such service as "reviews for the money." Then furumachi on various sites for reviews, start to write positive comments.

In turn, the commentators earn up to 500 000 per year. I think each of you would like to learn how to make money on the Internet reviews and whether to spend their time to this kind of earnings. And now more about it.

the Most important thing is that writing reviews can spend 2-3 hours a day and eventually to go on passive income 3 000 — 5 000 rubles a day.

of course it Sounds fantastic, but it's true!

the downside is that, at first, difficult to earn even a few cents due to lack of experience and specialized


So please sign up on the websites, gain momentum and you will be a lot of money.

And now focus on the best and trusted representatives in the field.

— is the best website which allows you to earn on the reviews. Where you can get 20 to 70 cents for every view of your comment on the website, in addition there exists a system of high charge. Top commentators on this site earn 150-300 thousand rubles, and for the withdrawal of funds sufficient to just $ 100. So if you are good with imagination, in front of...

— — originally created for writing reviews, but for several years many use it to lift the reputation and better feedback about the brands, in General the two words universal service. The rules for reviews is different, and the tasks themselves are too different. However, the average payment for 1 review from 7 to 12 roubles a minimum. However, to become an author and write comments you need to pass training and testing, after which you allow to the job. But income can be far from small. True tasks are performed here is completely different and half of earnings are comments on social networks and not reviews.

— is a large website of recipes where people post their recipes with pictures. This website is an analogue of usovice, only here you need to write reviews about the recipes. However the payment is arranged differently, after you upload your recipe, it is moderated, which decide how much to pay you for the recipe. This will depend on the quality of the text, the photos, the recipe and so on. After the publication, you will receive 5 cents for every view of your recipe. So don't be lazy, add yourself to friends the other cooks and discuss new recipes, it will earn.

In just one month of work waddlingly reviews I managed to acquire an average value for a stable income, however, if you work with these sites constantly, then your earnings will be much higher.

Well, if you liked this article, then write a comment which service you decided to try and roll the site to your bookmarks and drove. Because now it will be even more useful information.