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"Messoyakhaneftegaz" began full-scale development of the Achimov deposits

"Oil of Russia" 09.10.2019 at 11:53

Company "Messoyakhaneftegaz", was commissioned at Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field, horizontal well, marking the beginning of full-scale development of Achim deposits. Well with a total depth of 3.2 thousand meters gave a gushing oil inflow with the debit executable 435 tons of oil per day. This is approximately eight times higher than average on Message.

the Obtained results confirmed the correctness of calculations of the project participants relatively high prospects of development "of Akimovka" reserves are estimated by geologists "Messoyaha" 35 million tons of oil, resources of 111 million tonnes.

the Achimov deposits are characterized by complex geological structure, requiring the use of advanced technologies for efficient development. Deposits differ abnormal formation pressure, oil rich, high gas content, yellow-orange color due to high content of light hydrocarbons. "Messoyakhaneftegaz" has great expectations from deposits of this type: in the active phase is exploratory drilling of two wells, is ongoing electro - seismic and Achimov formations.