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Marathon 7: opening check

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 14.10.2019 at 15:50

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Hello! Finally opening the registration for marathon number 7. This time we moved to a new domain and it will be a totally different website there will be not only marathons.

go to website

Basic information everyone can Participate. You need to register. You can then add your site. To add to the marathon can only be a new website.

we understand Under new sites: no more than 15 pages in the index Yandex / no more than 15 pages of content on the site / no more than 15 visitors per day with the PS.

After adding the site would need to be 999 rubles to the General Treasury (total Bank). Then I promodeler website (will approve it and it will appear in the rating). Marathon start: November 1, 2019. This day will begin to break stats, and each day will be recalculated scores. The participants in the table are ranked by the count of points. All marathon runners receive access to discounts, bonuses from sponsors (will write about it below). At the end of the marathon (1 November 2020) among the most successful participants we will raffle money from the total pot + additional prizes from sponsors. More information about the marathon and how to add a website, I wrote in the FAQ. There's also detail painted the existing algorithm. What gets each participant?

first, the bonuses, discounts and prizes from sponsors at the beginning of the marathon and its for (the whole year). Our sponsors are services, software, plugins, themes and other tools that are needed to create/promote/monetize sites. See the list of bonuses and discounts for runners.

Our sponsors

This is not a complete list, because negotiate with other companies. That's who we have already supported: TZ.Studio SMILING from JOHNY Semantic-lab Human Emulator

secondly, in the beginning of the marathon (or 1 December or before the new year) we will raffle all the prizes from the sponsors. Will play randomly between all the runners. Before we raffled the prizes at the end of the marathon, and now decided to do it in the beginning, to these prizes helped to create/promote the website.

the List of all prizes can be seen on this page.

third, if you have undertaken the creation of a new website, you receive extra motivation and excitement. We all compete and want to be above others in the rankings

In the fourth, at the end of the marathon will draw among the top participants in all the money from the Bank and prizes (usually awarded TOP20).

In the fifth, inside you will find fellowship and support (forum and group).

On the forum you can ask questions and discuss any topics. In groups you can join to read/write a full record. Also you can create your own group. When you create you can specify who can write to join the group. You can create private groups (access via your approval) or personal (which can post only to you — consider a personal blog to get).

While the forum is almost empty, and the group I've created as a stub. Will gradually fill. If you have something to share or just want to watch/read, join.

in General, the club of money makers I have a lot of plans. Fill groups/forums, create a partition, courses/training, etc. And at the moment there is now quite empty and there may be bugs/mistakes. If something bad will notice, write in this topic.

I was in a hurry, some things did literally "on the knee", so some flaws are clearly emerge. All they will fix. Over optimization speed is also not working yet.

Well, the programmer/coder/designer out of me so yourself, so do not judge strictly Doing as best they can.

In General, it seems that everything is ready for registration. I will be glad to see the club as participants of previous marathons, and new people. Thank you all for being with us.

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