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Notary services through the portal of public services

Legal aid 08.10.2019 at 12:30

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With the development of the Internet and digital technologies, including the use of electronic digital signatures, the use of QR codes for encoding information, and placing a barcode on the document (for example, QR codes are already being used in the manufacture of judicial acts in the system of arbitration courts) there was a technical possibility of remote IDs transactions, a treatment for certain notarial actions in order to improve the quality of rendering notarial services.

the Draft Federal law "On introducing changes in fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on notary" is expected to make changes that significantly improve the procedure for the provision of notarial services. For example, the Draft Federal law is scheduled to give the notary the right to establish the identity of the applicant without a passport when using a single biometric system. This right will also be provided to the notary if the notary will have doubts in the identity of the passport.

Also, the Draft Federal law is expected to set the remote application for execution of notarial actions, provided for in article. 81, 86, 87, 881, 89, 103, 1037 fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation on notaries (approved. RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES 11.02.1993 № 4462-1). Thus, it is allowed to ask for committing notarial acts the following:

certification of accuracy of translation frivolity of translation from one language to another; the transfer of documents of natural and legal persons to other physical and legal entities; adoption of Deposit of funds and securities; Deposit of the notary of movable property, non-cash or book-entry securities; the recovery of money or recovery of property from the debtor; the actions of the notary to provide evidence; issuance of registry notifications pledge of movable property.

the Remote treatment for the provision of notarial acts does not mean that the user will be anonymous. To identify the user using the account portal of Public services. For example, the notary can remotely inspect the contents of a web page, and certify the Protocol of inspection of evidence. The Protocol of inspection of evidence, along with a screen shot of the web page in some cases need to appeal to the court on protection of honor and dignity, as well as for other categories of cases where you need to capture the contents of the web page in a network "the Internet". It should be noted that for carrying out the above-mentioned notarial acts not required to establish applicant. So, to make a will the notary is obliged to establish the will of the testator, therefore, performance of the will removed, the force of law would be impossible. For remote requests for notarial actions, the applicant shall submit an application to the notary through a system of EIS with the application, scanned images of documents. The notary sends the document in electronic form. If desired, the document can be completed on paper.

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